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    Alistair, if they have to ask why they really don't understand the meaning of life! At least the way we look at it!


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      John S,

      Thanks for your kind offer! Picking it up would be a cinch after moving 'baby' - as well as the fact that I'm only just round the corner (some would say 'right around the bend'!!) from you. I'll be in touch with you via email.

      I'm in the process of stripping the Atlas and whilst she looks to have been hardly ever used, the years of idleness have not been overly kind to her. The oil/grease has turned to a black glue and although slightly rusted (no pitting!!) the slides do need to be cleaned up thoroughly before use. I'm looking and thinking about the table! The vice is virtually unmarked and is still showing it's original paint (the machine got a coat of Fergie Grey paint about 30 years ago).

      Does anyone know where I can find the serial number and if there is a date on these Atlas machines? My Atlas drill had a nice little aluminium plate stamped up with the serial number and date - but so far have not found anything on this machine yet.



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        I am picking my shaper up today...ill look for the number. If i dont reply tonight, email me and ill find it
        [email protected]


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          Serial is on a little plate on the side of the unit under and behind the door, if it's still there...........