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    Don't know whether you get to see the same adverts in the US as we do in the UK.

    Here's the original Citroen advert.

    And the earlier version.


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    John, thanks for the pictures. No, we do not get to see any Citroen adds,. As far as I know they do not have any dealerships here in the USA. I used to really like the old model. You could just about replace anything with just about a scewdriver. My kind of a car. Thanks again. Vic


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      This is my favorite.

      or here
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        If you liked the cat you'll love the pigeon!
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          European commercials are too vulgar for our puritan American eyes so our Federal Communications Commission (FCC) censors them.


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            Heh. You don't know what you are missing.

            Free software for calculating bolt circles and similar: Click Here


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              Or this one?


              All of the gear, no idea...


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                I thought this was cool, even though I'm more of a German car fan.



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                  Interesting adds.
                  It's only ink and paper


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                    too bad the bas***ds can't put as much effort into a quality product that lasts. cars have become a scam, crap products are sold & marketed like shiny beads and that need to be thrown out in three years. this garbage is marketed to us with the assumption we have the same intellect as those targeted for children's breakfast cereals.

                    There snap together plastic construction would embarrass a lego designer and completely confounds the knuckle draggers working in their secondary consumer rip off platform, namely the dealership service facility.

                    I believe North American know how and innovation are second to none, and its not the fault of the hard working and skilled people assembly them. It's a catastrophic strategic error by the execs and designers that think we want 87 different models per manufacturer and instead investing money into engineering, they spend 750m-1b every fews years on a 'face lift', a new grill and dash so that they keep look shiny, and the stupid public will keep clamouring for the crap product just like they do their cocca puffs. to pay for this .0001 thick veneer like so much make up on a 2bit old whore, they push OEM's to low the cost of every bracket or whatever by 1/10 of a cent, OEM's do so by using thinner plastic or steel, a shorter weld, whatever....and the downwards spiral continues!

                    ok, needed a rant, to the what do we do well thread, one of them has got to be to get our car buying public focusd on german and jap cars!
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