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  • Belts for a belt sander

    I found a company online that will make any width/length belt you want in any grit and backing. You have to buy 12 at a time. You can mix grits and maybe backing material. It is They are effecient and prompt. Visit their site and compair prices. The belt/disc sander I bought at auction and had to rebuild uses a 4"x54" belt and a 10" disc. Of course no belt is available from normal sources and the 10" disc is hard to find. I just visited their site again and they have any kind of abrasive your little heart desires. I guess I will have to order some disc's from them.
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    It's only ink and paper

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    Oops. Wrong thread.
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      No brand name listed- I am kinda leary of no-name abrasives.
      I get the same service, selection, and custom order ability from Klingspor, and I have been using em since the late 80's- I know their quality is good.Their products are all either made in the USA or Germany.


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        In my experience "converters" (that's what custom belt makers are called) use name brand abrasives.

        I used to buy lots of belts for a wide belt sander (wood) from Western Abrasives in LA. they had an incredible assortment of abrasives and brands to choose from. I'd tell them what I was sanding and they'd suggest an abrasive type and the proper backing to do the job.

        Early on with the wide belt sander I spent a small fortune dealing through an authorized 3M converter, expensive and poor choice of abrasives.

        Western Abrasives got me onto paper backed belts for wood sanding, much better than cloth backed that stretch. After a few tries with the paper belts I never looked at cloth again for that sander.

        One type of belt worth looking at for metal sanding is the Trizac (sp). Unfortunately that type abrasive is only available through 3M, well worth the extra you'll have to pay from 3M though. The belts last forever.


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          I looked at the belts they sent and there is no name on them. Just says rosin cloth but they look good and the glue joint looks good. I am using one now and they run true and straight, so we'll see how they last.
          It's only ink and paper