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OT- not more mystery metal- yep

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  • OT- not more mystery metal- yep

    I needed to make a cover for a machine, and I brought out a piece of sheet metal I had.
    Some of the characteristics: it has no rust on it whatsoever, though it's been out in the weather for a couple years- it's magnetic about the same as ordinary sheet steel or galvanized- it seems more resistant to punch marking than oss, but drills easier- it takes about the same force to bend as oss- deburring holes seems easier than oss- polishing it makes it look like stainless. When I sand it on my drum sander, the sparks are bright but not white.

    I didn't see any crazing or cracking at the bend lines. It doesn't seem to have a coating on it that I can sand through- it just polishes up nicely. Besides being scratched and burnished from life outdoors, the only discoloration is some rustiness where another piece of metal had been laying in contact with it as it lay on the cement outside.

    My first thought was that it's stainless, but it doesn't behave much like any stainless sheet material I'm used to.

    What might this be?
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    There are many alloys of stainless steel with markedly different properties. The ferritic alloys are magnetic as are most of the austenitic alloys if strain hardened.
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