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    Saw this on ebay-hmmmmmmmm
    That has to be the best name for a machine tool ever.
    I like the welded on chuck.
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    The attorney I used to use for conveyancing etc was named Crook. I figured with a name like that he had to be honest.
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      Welded on chuck and welded on handles. It is a Reliable sale, so it will probably top out around $250.00.
      Jim H.


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        Tit Drill press

        Taiwan Industrial Tools. Wow! What a bargin.

        I'll stick to using my cock wrench.


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          Originally posted by JCHannum
          Welded on chuck and welded on handles.
          Must have run out of Loc-Tite.
          Paying Attention Is Not That Expensive.


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            Isn't that slot in the spindle for laying a bead on the arbor?
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              Tit drillpress....

              OK, I have to admit that I like the name too.....But the "welding" blobs & the holes in the table ?....Why even take pictures of them, let alone close-ups. Interesting marketing strategy, I guess.


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                It's an old and nearly forgotten concept. It's called "truth in advertising".
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                  Originally posted by ****s42000
                  Interesting marketing strategy.
                  The strategy here is to eliminate "sniping". ( If that is the correct terminology of how to secure a sale)

                  I don't do the ebay thing, and if I did, I sure wouldn't try to out bid anyone for this fine quality workmanship.
                  Paying Attention Is Not That Expensive.


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                    Reliable Tools probably runs a production line to process their eBay sales. Clean the machine, put it in front of the drop curtain, take 6 or 8 photos, write a non revealing statement and put it to press.

                    The photo taker doesn't always seem to have the least idea of what he is doing, and it often doesn't matter. A couple of guys that know less will get into a bidding war and the price will go off the scale.

                    It will be interesting to see where this ends up. It is worth a maximum of $25.00 in the shape it is in. With the chuck welded on like that, runout is measured in degrees, not TIR.
                    Jim H.


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                      To be fair, Reliable never puts much in the writeup, but has load of good photos so the prospective buyer can see for himself. That's more informative than the usual eBay declarations about "great condition!" and such rubbish. Talk is cheap. I'd rather have the photos.

                      In this case, the photos clearly say "avoid".

                      That is a good name, though. Names do make a difference. I've always felt a bit sorry for any company selling bearings from Fischer Aktien-Gesellschaft, or the FAG group. Decent enough bearings, but spec'ing them is just not worth the razzing you get from the guys in purchasing, who seem to lead very dull lives and have to get their jollies where they can.


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                        musta made the scotchbrite departments day.
                        "what did I do today? I scotchbrited a tit"


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                          My personal favorite was the head fred at Rheem Manufacturing:

                          "A. Lightfoot Walker"

                          Takes a bunch of self confidence to walk around in big business with moniker like that when you could just as easily be Albert (or whatever) Walker. . .

                          Frank Ford


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                            As if life isn't hard enough already.

                            I had a friend whose mother went to school with a boy whose family name was Bottom. Parents didn't even name him Harold. His given name was Harry. Poor kid went through school as Fuzzbut(t).

                            Makes you think there oughtta be a law ...
                            "People will occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of the time they will pick themselves up and carry on" : Winston Churchill


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