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classifications and their values

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  • classifications and their values

    How many different classifications are available for Machinist? Welders? What type certifications or cards are available and how do you obtain them? What are these worth in dollars and cents? What prestige do they bring to the table?What do companies really think of such qualifications?
    Please remeber to pray for our troops and SUPPORT them any way you can!
    Thanks for your valued opinions and time,
    Kevin Middleton
    Rome Georgia

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    Well, Kevim, maybe you should study on the history of this great trade, and don't bring soldiers in for sympathy.


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      I asked the questions here due to time restraints. I have been in this great trade for many years and repect most of the people who read and post on this boards' opinions.
      Sir I do not have sympathy for our soldiers, I have nothing but respect. Respect and appreciation for the tasks they are doing. Our soldiers are doing a hell of a job! Again I say I respect and appreciate that which they are doing so well. The only sympathy I have are for the families. The ones who has loved ones who have paid the ultimate price, the ones who are missing, the ones who are fighting, and the ones that are preparing to go. These familes do have my sympathies. These families also have my respect and appreciation. They also are in my prayers. I do believe in GOD! I do believe in the power of prayer. I ask people to pray for our troops not for sympathy, but for the power and strenght to defeat our enemies completely and to return home safe,as soon as possible. I pray that GOD bless the familes during these trying times. I pray that we all support our troops and their families any way that we can. Yes. I am proud to be an AMERICAN!
      Kevin Middleton
      Rome Georgia


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        Sometimes I think Millman is working on getting his post count up with these dumb ass answers he spouts out. If you don't have anything helpful to add to these threads Millman, then keep your fingers off of the keyboard.
        Jonathan P.


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          As a welder I have a stack of tickets from over 20 years ( I never through the old ones out). Since I work for one company I only have to test (all my different tickets) once a year, welders who move around retest at every job site, at least in this area. The tickets don't really mean anything because your work, pipe and preasure vessel welding for me, is x-rayed, shear waved, wet maged, hydro tested and anything else the inspectors can come up with, and if your work isn't up to snuff you know about it right away. Other trades may not be under the gov. thumb as much and you can have all the papers you want but if you can't performm it dosen't mean anything. Unfortunatly the collage trained idiots, that have little or no real experience, that are running industry,ruining might be a better word, can't tell anything about employees eccept what is written on a resume, so the more B.S. you can put there might get you a job.

          P.S. spelling is not a qualification for welding
          The shortest distance between two points is a circle of infinite diameter.

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          Southwestern Ontario. Canada


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            Sir I do not have sympathy for our soldiers, I have nothing but respect. Respect and appreciation for the tasks they are doing.
            <end quote>

            Just words.. How many packages have you sent the troops, do you have a Iraq penpal? How many here have backed up thier words with actions.

            Certs=sheepskins on wall... a paper that says you were present for classes that were only as good as the instructor's communication skills and your learning and long term retention ability. Some people are not worth a damn with using thier hands, but are very good at taking tests.
            Excuse me, I farted.


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              I have and have had family and friends in Afghanastan, Bosnia, and Iraq. I have some who have made it home, and some who came home in a box. I have a nephew headed to Korea, another unstable area.I do write,send pictures, packages and e-mails. I try and help their families when there is a need, visit and see if everything is fine or if something needs to be done.Some times they will not tell you something needs to be repaired, or done, when you just call.........repairing a leaking faucet, taking kids to the lake, going to there ball games and etc. I have noticed when I have heard from the soldiers that their main concern is their families, their families problems, and how things are with me and my family. When they (the soldier) thank you for something you have done for their family( no matter how major or minor) it hits right in the heart. Sometimes a hummer with a satelite dish on the roof and a laptop is a wonderful thing. Words combined with actions goes along way. From just down the road, too the HELL on the otherside of the world. So I will say again, PLEASE REMEMBER TO PRAY FOR AND SUPPORT OUR TROOPS AND THEIR FAMILIES.

              Diplomas hanging on the wall have very little actual value. What is a used piece of parchment worth? What it does do,( as a parent), instill in our kids that no matter how easy or difficult it is to obtain, is that you do not quit. Never give up. With an education the possibilities are endless. The value of an education is priceless. It is also something that is yours, and it can never be taken away...........
              Kevin Middleton
              Rome Georgia


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                Originally posted by canman
                .... The value of an education is priceless. It is also something that is yours, and it can never be taken away...........

                The problem with an education these days is the people who get educated in an area they have no real talent or enthusiasm for. The other is people who figure once they have that diploma they know it all and don't or won't learn anything new. These are the "it can't be done" types.

                I dropped out of culinary school to take an executive chef job based on my prior experience, I left the restaurant field 5 years later and took my current job where I'm learning chemistry and industrial sales while getting paid to do it. With one patent to my name and two others applied for I'm at the point where and education in my field would be useful to me but not necessary. What is necessary is that I keep an open mind and a willingness to learn.