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Orphan Cincinnati Mill, MD

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  • Orphan Cincinnati Mill, MD

    I was at a hot rod fabrication shop last evening picking up a used parts washer. There in the corner was a (by Bridgeport comparison) HUGE Cincinnati vertical mill. Looks to be a Cinel 60 maybe. Blue, big dial on the left hand side, purportedly weighs #8000.

    It was purchased from the University of Maryland where it had been in the physics machine shop. Not used for some time, they'd like to sell it and they're quite "motivated", to the degree that once it was in your shop, the main cost would have been the rigging, not the buying.

    I can point people in the right direction if anyone's interested.

    I'd do it in a nanosecond if I had the space, but it's 1/3 the size of my shop.

    There's a nice hydroshift Cincinnati Traytop lathe, but I call dibs...
    "Lay on ground-light fuse-get away"