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    I spent more time making chips on the mill last night than at any time previous. Lots of it using a fly cutter. I may never get my shop cleaned up again! With all the "maximize space" and organizational stuff I've been working on the last few months to fit the new lathe (not to mention fix the upset caused by the introduction of the Bridgeport months before) there are far too many places for chips to hang and hide. That reminded me of something I saw somewhere on one of these boards where someone had put up something like a shower curtain to constrain flying chips. Maybe a sheet instead? On one of those old style free standing circular shower curtain loops mounted off the top of the mill?

    That seems a reasonable approach as long as it’s far enough back that the chips have time in flight to cool a bit. But I’m wondering what other ideas people may be using or have found to work. Must be nice to have one of those big shops I see in some of your pictures with lots of open floor space around your machines.
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    I saw a setup that had a 1hp Grizzly dust collector hooked up to a homemade cyclone filter.The 4" inlet to the cyclone was reduced to 1-1/2" and a piece of flexible conduit(tyflex or sealtite) was positioned near the head of the mill on a movable bracket and he had a variety of different sized and shaped nozzles.This was somewhere on the net before I knew how to bookmark,haven't been able to find it since.

    That setup was neat,it sucked up 99% of the chips and all the excess coolmist.His machines stayed clean,no flying chips and no breathing coolant.
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      I heard about a guy who hung up some of those bamboo slat window shades around his milling machine, to stop the flying chips. When he wasn't using them, he just rolled them up.
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