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Sorta OT: What to Do With a Perfectly Good Printer?

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  • Sorta OT: What to Do With a Perfectly Good Printer?

    My current printer (Lexmark Z75) needs print cartridges, and the last time I was in Wallyworld, I noticed that for less than the price of the printer cartridges, I could buy a new Lexmark printer that used the same cartridges and had the same features of mine (though it's a slightly different model). No idea on the specs of the new printer, so I don't know if it's better than the one I currently have, but even if it's not, it uses the same cartridges as my current printer, and comes with the cartridges, so I could slap them in my current one, if it wasn't as good. So, if I were to buy the new printer instead of a set of print cartridges, what should I do with the printer that I don't use? Yeah, I suppose I could hook it up to one of my other computers, but I don't really need to do that (plus I don't really have the space where the other PCs are). So, is there anything I can make out of the innards? It's got motors, circuit boards, a bright bulb (since it's also a scanner), and who knows what else.

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    From what I can gather,new printers only have partly filled cartridges.If that is the case you'll be needing new cartridges sooner than buying just new cartridges.



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      newer printers

      Agreed, most new printers have partialy filled ink tanks, not too great as a supply point.
      also, there isn't a whole lot of goodies in them that are reuseable, not like the old style dot matrix one, a belt or two, cogs and a couple servo or stepper motors, controller circuit etc, everything is fairly light duty, but pretty good for gadget building.

      Also, unlike the old dot matrix printers, the makers don't include the control codes for the printers any more, those you could make all kinds of little robots with and control easily by 'printing' line feeds backspaces returns etc (in many ways I miss dos!) likely can still get the information, but need to hunt for it.