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Quick-Change Gearbox Question - Atlas/Craftsman Lathe

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  • Quick-Change Gearbox Question - Atlas/Craftsman Lathe

    Since you folks have been so cordial to me, I thought I'd ask a question and maybe be able to help somebody else out.

    My introduction to metalworking has involved changing out the QuickChange Gear Box on an Atlas 10 QC model lathe. I did this really because I had broken both bango/brackets along with some other parts. I finally found it cheaper to just buy a entire QC gearbox. This was last year when they seemed to really be bringing premium dollar on eBay!

    I have that change done and have the old gear box which I want to part out to try and recover some of my money out of. I tore it down last night and cleaned all the gears up and noticed that my gears all have 0.5" bores, while most of the ones I have seen on eBay have been 0.75".

    My questions:

    How common/uncommon are the 0.5" bore versions?
    I'm taking them for a Atlas 10" part, could I have mistakenly mixed in a 6"?
    The parts on the Atlas 10" and the 12" seem have many interchangeable numbers. Is is the same gearbox?

    Finally and most important - is there a way to offer these parts here on HomeShop Machinist first before I put them on eBay.

    Thanks much and have great weekends everyone.

    All I ask is a chance to prove that money can\'t make me happy.