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  • To Hone or not to Hone

    I dont have a ck10 hone. I wonder if a smaller hand held one would work. Im trying to finish the internal bore on 200 steel bushings to a very fine finish. Forrest Addy said to hone them but i dont own a hone. Any hand held drill models available that would do the trick? Tahnx Mike

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    Not sure how fine a finish you want but has variety of hones on pp 2534-5, or just search on hones. 3M makes a wide variety of nylon mesh with imbedded grit wheels in various sizes and grits that might serve also.


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      Use a brake cylinder hone. They're available at any auto parts joint and Sears. Shop around and you'll find one that will go into a 1/2 bore if you chew down the stones a little. Run them from an electric drill start with the drill off and the hone in the bore. Cycle in and out rapidly as the hone spins using WD40 or similar for a honing oil. Do not allow over 1/4 to 1/3 of the stone to exit the bore. Any less and the hole goes barrel shaped; any more and the hole goes hourglass. Stop and size sheck frequently.

      Note. A brake cylinder hole will not correct for our of round. Selective honing will correct barrel or hourglass error.


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        I vote brake hone also but Brownell's - -
        sells small ones for use in gun cylinders and shotgun barrels.


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          Honing is an art, be careful and take frequent measurements. Nobody can give you the exact advise without actually seeing the project.


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            If you're going to use a brake hone, mount the setup in a drill press so you can make upper and lower stop points. Keep the hone moving and check offten--They'll cut quick. Don't allow the stones to pass the pivot point and use a lube like WD-40 or such. (Light oil) I use a flood with diesel but I'm cheap.


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              Thanx for the advice. The brownells i had completely forgotten about them. I have the first two gunsmith kinks books. Now after perusing there site i will need to buy three and four, Also the honing tools look exactly what i will need, Thanx everyone Mike


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                Originally posted by HWooldridge
                I vote brake hone also but Brownell's sells small ones for use in gun cylinders and shotgun barrels.
                I just looked up the Brownell's hone, and it looks like a brake cylinder hone:

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