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    A friend and I purchased a few sanding belts at auction recently. These belts were mfg by Klingspore, and they are varying width from four to seven inches and all are 148 inches in length. They came in two grits...80 and 120. When I say we picked up a "few", 3500 is more like it. We have looked into having someone shorten the length say to 48 inches which would be more reasonable, and we have looked at the possibility of building a machine that could use them as is, but neither of us has the room for a machine of that size. We only paid $300 for all of them so we dont have that much money invested in them, but I'm not interested in putting any more money into them. They are aluminum oxide with heavy cloth backing. So far we've torn some up into squares which we've used on orbital sanders and hand held lathe work. Looking for ideas.
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    Sanding belts

    I would say sell a bunch and use the money for your own big belt grinder, new shop and new toys.



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      I agree with 'gunbuilder'. I worked for a company that bought those big belts for door sanding and they were about $20 a piece new and lasted about 4 hours in use. You didn't mention it but I assume they are new, so I'd put them on Ebay at $5 each plus shipping and sell minimum lots of 25 or 50 but even if you only got a buck a piece, you'd be way ahead on the investment. If they are used, you probably can't give them away.


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        I agree

        I agree with both gunbuilder and HWooldridge... Ebay baby! Klingspore is a good belt thou not a Norton nor 3M it has a great rep in the shop. If you come across some Ceramic or Zircon let me know.