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  • South Bend Model CLC 1377

    Another question from a newbie.
    I went to look at a South Bend 14" found it was a monster but hide in the corner was what I am pretty sure is a SB 9". It was dark in the shop and I was literally standing on another lathe to get to it. Here is what I know: South Bend Lathe with a 3 1/2 foot bed Model # CLC 1377 could not read the Serial #. I went on but could not find this model number listed. It is on what look to be a factory bench.
    I was not able to run it yet but ways look and feels great, everything moved smooth. I inspected as best as I could as per How to Inspect by Meridian Machinery, but could not really get to everything. He wants $1000 but did not know what all tooling came with it. I am going to go back another day after he moves it out. I am looking for any help on this model number. Is it a 9â€‌ C? What other references to look it up do you have?

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    If it's a bench lathe with countershaft and motor in the back, I think it must be either a 9" or a 10K. Measure spindle centerline to one of the ways; if it's 4 1/2"+, it's a 9" lathe.

    The 9" South Bend came in three forms: A, B, and C. The C was the most basic, with no power crossfeed and no quickchange gearbox. The B had power crossfeed but no QC. The A had power crossfeed and a QC gearbox.

    If it's in reasonable shape, that's a reasonable price.

    Oh -- if it has change gears instead of a QC gearbox, and you decide to buy it, make a strenuous effort to make sure you get all the change gears. They can be gotten otherwise, but they're expensive.

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      I checked my catalogs and do not find your number. They use CL and 3 numbers on all that I find. If it is a quick change the number will be on the QC box plate. Think the others are on the gear train cover.


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        C R
        Did a quick browse of the SB site and found that catalogue No 377 refers to a 9" underdrive model B...If this is right, the motor would be under the headstock (in the bench) and the lathe would have power cross feed but no quick change gearbox.

        Have you read the SB info at the UK lathe site?

        If you contact Leblond with the lathe's serial No, they'll be able to tell you what it is, how it was equipped and the year of mfg.

        Good Luck!

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          I think Herb is on the right track. I found the same ref. to 337 on but I was confused by the "1" in front of it. It does have the motor in the bench. I will go back this week in the daylight, with a flashlight and hopefully be able to run it. Thanks again for all your help.