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What are these boring tools?

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  • What are these boring tools?

    I got several of these along with a boring head the other day, I've not seen this type before. Are they just generic blanks, or made for a special purpose?
    The spiral form at the end means that clearances are maintained automatically when resharpened, which is neat.
    They're marked 'Stanton-Thompson', who seem to be a UK tool agent, & 'Made in Germany' along with some reference numbers.


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    Travers Tool sells, or at least sold, that style of boring tool. I imagine they still do.
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      They look like Bokum bars.

      Not the greatest boring bars in the world, but they do have a long life because of the easy re-sharpening.

      Years ago I got an assortment of new Bokum bars out of the garbage can at an auction. The auction setup man found them in a drawer, not knowing what they were he threw them in the nearest garbage can.


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        Those work pretty good,I like the "True-form"threading bars made along those same lines.You never have to alter or grind the angles,just the top,great for small hole threading.
        I just need one more tool,just one!


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          boring bars....

          Hey, those look like the same design boring bars that came with my Narex adjustable boring & facing head.
          Yes, they are easy to re-sharpen and I use them in the small Atlas lathe sometimes too.