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    Hi. I'm new here and think maybe I'd like to subscribe to one of the magazines. There's not a very good description on the website of what each covers however. Can anyone help me out here?

    PS: I'm a toolmaker turned machinist. Ever turn a machinist? ;-)

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    Turning a machinist must be pretty bloody - safety first! ;-)

    I subscribe to both "MW" & "HSM". I purchase "Live Steam" from a local train shop. Over the years there always has been someone writting to the Editor to bitch about the content of the magazines. If these hosers can do better, they should send their articles in before complaining about someone else's work. I do not get very excited about the content at times, but I still read the articles and appreciate the Author's sharing their experiences. It is amazing to see some of the things done with what some would consider "toys" or "junk". I take my hat off to them for sharing with me (cover your eyes, you could get blinded!)

    As far as content goes, they both cover a wide range of skills from making patterns and casting to making job specific machines for the shop and homestead. Never the same thing ad nauseum. The magazines are starting to get colour now too (the ads are so beautiful, I could cry...). They are well worth it, I feel.

    All in all, I would say quit yer yappin' and just subscribe already - enjoy!



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      Personally, I think the older issues had better articles, and would recomend getting some of the early compilation books.

      Since our local book store caries both magazines, I just pick one up now and then, when there is an interesting article.

      I'd also highly recomend Guy Lautard's Machinist Bedside Readers, get all threee, then bug him to bring out the 4th.


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        Guy Lautard's website is
        He is a very interesting guy with a great sense of humor - buy his books. (and DO bug him about the fourth!)

        The Village Press books are good as well, I have purchased most of them.

        I can only judge the older issues by the reprints in the hardcover books. I keep waiting for that hoser Neil to bring out all the back issues on CD-Rom. (we still love ya, Neil - but hurry up with the CD's already) ;-)


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          Hard part is getting the bugger to hold still while you indicate him in. :-)

          Oh, what the hey, I'll get both mags. Maybe I can find something useful that way. I want that CD too Neil!


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            In regards to HSM articles being offered on CD, there are some legal issues which need to be resolved. Primarily, the issue is one of copyrights. We have first North American rights on articles printed in the magazines which covers a one-time use. The sticky part comes when the articles are republished in an electronic format.

            I can say, the front-office boys are working on the legal issues and hopefully a resolve is near.

            BTW, thank you for your support!


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              Thanks for the heads up Neil, we loves ya baby!