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  • Stainless "W"

    An early precipitation hardening stainless steel was supplied under that designation. Late 50's early 60's.

    Does anyone know of, remember anything they heard about, the material?
    Who made it, and what the property expectations were, maybe???

    Long ago, I was told to consider it "close" to 17-4, but there were these little variations. - - -
    I made a bunch of parts from it and kept notes but as the world turns, said notes are AWOL.

    You could say that I have some mystery metal, while knowing what it is.

    TIA Ag

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    AISI, American Iron and Steel Institute, has or had a stainless "W", which is similar to the 17-4PH. Do not confuse this with AISI Tool Steel W-1.

    The chemical composition is as follows:

    Carbon .08% Max, Silicon 1.00% Max, Manganese 1.00% Max., Chromium 15.0 -17.50%, Nickel 6.00-7.50%, Titanium .40- 1.20%, Aluminum .40% Max.

    I am not familiar with this alloy and it does not seem to be an active spec.

    If you research this time period there was an explosion in high strength heat resistant and corrosion resistant alloy developed to meet the high temperature demands for the hot turbine sections of jet engines. Nickel Base, Cobalt Base and Stainless Steel Alloys and Super Alloys developed by the Defense Departments R&D dollars in the 1950's & 1960's are used every day today in everything from Space travel to garden tools and every thing in between.

    I don't knew if this helped but if you need some info on 14-4, 15-5, 17-4, CD4MCu or other Precipitating Hardening Stainless Steels just give me a shout, I am familiar with them.


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      Thanks for the fast reply.
      I am confirming this is not an active spec. and how!!!
      In any case, I am feeling MUCH less frustrated.

      Besides the analysis, might there be a table of: time-temp vs property(s) similar to what is common for 17-4?
      For 17-4, H900 H925 H1025, ------- all have a sort-of predictability of strength, ductility and Rc that results.

      Thanks again