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  • Rubber for O-ring

    Are there different kinds of rubber for O-rings? I'm tinkering with air-rifles, and I read something about some kind of "long wearing" better rubber....I know of only "Nitril".

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    Axel, I don't know about the different types of rubber used in O" tings, but have you considered using "O" rings made of Teflon? Less friction than rubber.


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      There's a bunch: Buna-N, Neoprene, Viton, Silicon, Teflon, .... I have no idea which one might be best for your application, though.
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        Use Viton, it costs more but it is the best for any purpose.


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          I would check the spec for each before selecting one over the other. Some are sensitive to various compounds, i.e. OIL!, cleaning fluids, etc. I just can't remember which.


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            Neoprene is good for water, not oil....where buna-N(nitrile) is good for oil, not water...



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              McMaster-Carr has a description of all the normal gasket materials on their website

              Where will this gasket be going in the air rifle? if it's used on a sliding part, then an abrasion resistant material like EPDM will probably work best. If it's sealing a static part, then a Buna-N gasket will work fine.

              Viton is good material, but cannot be used on anything used for food. The chemicals in it can leach out, contaminating the food.



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                Get the McMaster catalog. It has descriptions of the various types of O ring materials and their suggested uses. It also has descriptions of many materials that they sell. Everyone on this board should have this catalog.

                And no, I have no relationship with them other than as a customer.
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                  Tanks for all the advice so far!

                  I have searched www and found a place here i Sweden that sells O-ring. They informed me that there is a kin of ring that has a rubber core (vitol) and a teflon casing (outer shell)...

                  I think I will go with that one and try the Nitril also...

                  The ring will go on a piston.


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                    Sounds like a winning combination to me.