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    I have a question for you computer whizzes out there. I've been gone on vacation for a week so I turned my computer off while I was gone but I normally leave it on 24/7. Anyway, I come back this evening and start it up and my usb 2.0 card that was installed after I got the computer is not working. I have my printer and an extension cable hooked to it for uploading pictures. The factory ports on the front are working but they are usb 1.1. A friend installed this card and it has been working for probably two years now with no problems. The computer is about 3 years old, a compaq and I'm running xp. Any ideas what might be wrong with my rear mounted usb setup? Try to keep it in terms that I can understand. I can navigate around pretty good but that is about as far as my computer skills go. Thanks for any help in advance.
    Jonathan P.

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    I'd suggest unplugging the printer and extension cord, rebooting, and once windows is up and running, plugging them back in. Sometimes the computer needs a little reminder that there are things attached to the USB ports.

    If that doesn't work, try uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers for the USB card. (Unplug your USB devices first!) Once the drivers are reinstalled, plug the printer back in and see if XP recognizes it.

    Back-up your data before messing with drivers. Nothing bad *should* happen, though it's far to easy to really screw up a computer.

    Best of luck. --Ben


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      b2u44, thanks for the info. I'm no computer expert but I called a friend and he helped me some. One of the things I forgot to list is that the computer shut down and told me that a fatal error had occured. After that I couldn't get the computer to restart unless I went in to safe mode and sometimes that wouldn't work. He told me to shut down the system and take out the usb 2.0 card. I did this and the computer booted back up like normal. I just hooked the computer back into one of the original usb ports and it is working fine now also. He thinks that the usb card might have went bad but we are not sure. Any way, it is working fine now minus the usb 2.0 card. Any comments on this occurence?
      Jonathan P.


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        Offhand comment- was working fine while it was being used every day, once it was off for a while it screwed up- maybe the cmos backup battery is weak? Happened to me.
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