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  • cylinder hone

    Anyone know where I can locate a hone for small cylinders? I'm into building small internal combustion engines, steam, stirling etc. Or maybe substitute/alternate methods for getting a good finish/accurate size?

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    You can make a "whip". Its simply a steel rod that you wrap different grits of either sandpaper or emery cloth around untill its real snug in your bore. Cut a slot in the end of the rod to insert the start of the abrasive into.
    Oil the ID of the bore and the abrasive really well and use your drill press or pistol grip drill to spin the whip at a moderate speed. Cheap, fast and works well for small bores. DONT BE TEMPTED TO HOLD THE BORED ITEM IN YOUR HAND! When the oil runs low it will want to grab the piece and spin it. Your first reaction will be to try to hold on to it. Don't ask me how I know that!
    For larger bores you can turn a round wooden wheel on your lathe and slit that and mount it on an arbor to do the same thing. Not real fast that way BUT infinately adjustable and it will get the job done!
    I used to use the small whips on Corvair wheel cylinders and master cylinders when I was restoring the braking systems on them.
    Regrds, Ken


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      You can purchase wheel cylinder hones at your local auto parts store or through mail order suppliers at a very reasonable price. They are available in a variety of sizes, grits and styles.

      I use an adjustable brass hone and clover lapping compound for the instrument work i do. Holes are only about 5/8" that I'm lapping, and are thru holes.