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Found a rubber press

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  • Found a rubber press

    I certainly appreciated all the responses and suggestions.
    Today I went to visit a guy who has been in the rubber business for years.
    Due to the number of years breathing all the nasties related to rubber molding, he has some related health concerns, but he is eager to help out any way he can.
    I told him of what I was wanting to do regarding making some small quanity of rubber parts for my type of motorcycle.
    He has a small 10" x 10" 20 ton rubber press and I studied it in hopes of making my own.
    After talking a while, he made a phone call and located 2 12" x 12 " 20 ton presses a guy had for sale. He bought both of them and is going to sell one to me. He wants to use the other one for TPR. (thermal plastic rubber).
    Hopefully everything will fall into place within the next couple of weeks and I can get started on my first mold.
    Thanks again.