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    Hold five 5/8 th diameter 3 foot long 1045 steel rods in the vice at once to cut wrench flats on them. Must mill one side then flip 180 degrees and mill other side also. This is for a wrench to fit on. He does 150 a day or more in his shop. I thought of a block bored five holes that fits inside the vice. Then loosen flip 180 degrees and cut again the other side. I imagine it would have to be fairly accurate. Any good ideas Gentlemen ???

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    Straddle mill them with a horizontal milling machine or with a milling arbor in the vertical head. You can do both sides in one pass.
    Jim H.


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      Make a clamping block to hold as many as practical. Turn block upside down after first pass. Perfect parallelism.

      The clamping block need only have some vee grooves in one face and some counterbored SHC screws to clamp the stock.
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        With V-grooves only on one side, it will be difficult to make symmetrical, necessitating resetting the depth of cut when it is flipped.

        To make a symmetrical fixture for this type of application, sandwich a piece of shim stock between two identical thickness pieces and drill on the centerline. Removing the shim will create enough clearance to get a clamping action.

        For this job, a piece of 1/16" or 1/32" between two pieces of 1/2" plate would probably work. Stick with even dimensions, it makes picking up center easier.

        You should also look at De Staco clamps or other speed clamps to eliminate the need for having to bolt & unbolt every time the fixture is loaded.

        Straddle milling eliminates one operation and will significantly increase the production rate.
        Jim H.


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          V groove both top and bottom plates evenly put light springs between them and flip as required to do the 180 side . You should be able to get 10 at a time and no unbolting just loosen and slide in to a stop so they are even.


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            OK, you say wrench flats. How long are the paralell flats? What size wrench? Are the flats generated from one end or away from the end of the 3' length? Need some dimensions to build the fixture. Yes, the flats should be accurate and centered on the diameter, but have made some where the wrench flats were offset. Dimensions, please!


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              Duh Dimensions

              Just a wrench flat like a open end wrench width... I guess 1/2 inch would do in a pinch.