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  • Low cost injection molds

    This info may be of interest to those building injection molders.

    The Morgan Industries, Inc. ( manufacture a small injection press. They offer a book for sale entitled Cutting Costs In Short-Run Plastics Injection Molding. This 100 pg. book is a treasure trove of simple clever designs for inexpensive molds.

    I once induced a customer to purchase this press (it's a $10,000 tool, not a toy) and I used several of the suggested designs in their book to make molds for the customer. The customer and I were both highly pleased with the resultant molds.

    This book provides the beginner with a brief but very thorough course of instruction in not only mold making but also provides one with an excellent grasp of plastic fundamentals.

    My 1973 copy lists these contents:

    Injection Molding Process
    Tool Design and Building
    Part Design and Material Selection
    Epoxy Tooling Case Examples of Short-Run Molding Requirments
    Material Handling

    appendixes list:

    Draft Angle Table
    Shrinkage Factor Table
    Plastic Properties Chart

    I don't know the cost, I got mine free, but whatever it is, if you are serious about making plastic parts this book is a godsend.


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    I just fired off an email to them about the book. I'll post what happens.
    It does look like a pretty nice machine. I also subscribed to the Machinery Supermart that you mentioned.

    I've just about got my molder finished. The base, clamping jack screw, heater block are all done. I only need to turn the nozzle and make the injection lever. I figure I'll get around 2500psi of injection force. Later, if it works well, I'd like to change from a lever to an actuated cylinder (air or hydraulic).

    Then I have to make some molds. I already have 3 people ordering parts but nothing too complex.


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      The book cost is $25.
      They do not accept credit cards so you need to send them a check.
      As crypto said it is a great book. I think it is well worth the money if you are serious about making prototype or short run molds. If you just want to play around there are a few good ideas in the Lindsay books plastic injection machine book for a lot less money.
      Morgan Industries publishes this book primarily for the people that buy their machines. I assume they will sell them to anyone who sends $25 but I do not know. I bought mine while doing some consulting and had bought one of their molding presses for a company I worked for.



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        Yeah, I just heard back from them. They said:

        "The engineering manual, 'Cutting Costs in Short-Run Plastics Injection Molding,' is available from Morgan Industries direct. The price is $25.00 plus postage and tax. You may contact toll-free at 800-222-6929 if you wish to order the book or to discuss any other matters."

        I have 2 books already;
        How to Make Injection Molds - Georg Menges
        Injection Molding: An Introduction - Gerd Potsch
        and I've gotten a lot out of them.

        I work as a programmer by day and have never actually worked in a production/manufacturing company of any type other than software. What I do have are friends in several businesses and we are constantly looking at products and their respective markets and saying - this could be made better, this needs to be made and no one's doing it yet. It's mostly in various hobby/scale-modeling/RC fields and as an HSM I'm their go-to-guy when something breaks or needs modifing. So I'm going to prototype some designs for products and see if we can go into production.
        I also have a background in electronics so I can handle design of microcontroller control systems.
        I live in the central valley so it's all farms and little industry so there's not really anyone around to "look over their shoulder" at stuff. This board has been fantastic.


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          If I had to get just one book, which one would you recommend. Both for practical information and interesting bedtime reading. Thanks.



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            Well, for a general, lite reading book it would be Injection Molding: An Introduction $59.00
            the other is deeper in depth at 600pg and $149.00. They are both written more for a production shop using screw injectors and hydraulic clamping rigs. They were what I could find at the time. I'd have bought the morgan book first if I'd known about it.

            The Morgan book might be better, it's definately cheaper, but not having read it I can't compare it for content but since they make a smaller production machine I'd guess the information is more relevant.