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    Does anyone have experience with a Turn Pro lathe from Enco? I have been looking at the 13 x 40 for a couple of years now.

    I have had a Jet 12 x 36 for about 20 years and have had no problems, but I would like to upgrade a little to the D4 spindle, gearhead, and a larger taper in the tailstock -Also want a DRO, I think; are they reliable? My digital calipers I bought about the time I bought the Jet lathe did not last long, but my dial calipers are all doing fine

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    Not familiar with that lathe, but the dial calipers will last longer than digital.


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      I own one of the Turn Pro 1340 lathes. It has been a very good lathe. It is 10 years old and has had no problems. I have a DRO, taper attachment, micrometer stop and a 5c lever collet closer for it. The lathe is very accurate and very repetable. The manufacture of the lathe is Lux Matter in Taiwan.
      Mark Hockett


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        Thank you!

        Thanks, Millman and Mark, for your comments. TurnPro it is!

        In general, are DROs on machine tools more reliable than the digital calipers? What would be a good brand to buy to add to my existing Jet lathe and Jet mill, should I want to do that sometime later, and are DROs worth the investment?