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Choice of one post apocalyptic tool

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  • Choice of one post apocalyptic tool

    Wes1 wrote in a previous thread

    "If I were turned loose in a post apocalypse world, with only one hand tool, what would I choose? (landscape littered with the werckage of civilization, but no tools) Those of you who have lived in the third world should have considerable insight here."

    Choosing just one tool is difficult, but after much deliberation, I have chosen the noble hammer.


    P.S. sorry for starting 2 non-technical threads but who else am I going to kick tires with

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    Having lived in a third world country I would pick a machette (sp). I have seen people use it for all kinds of thing. Cutting, prying, hammering and making other things with it.



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      With the wreckage of mankind about my first choice would be a very sharp file. From there I can rebuild the world.

      This is a very doom & gloom question - are you guys out there thinking of re-electing the Liberals next election?

      And, upon agreeing with Steve I would dig every technical book up I could - Scientia Potentia (knowledge is power).

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        A tin can opener!!!


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          They already did here in The Peoples Republic of Illinois.

          If a hammer, it needs to have a hatchet on it… But with a post apocalypse world in mind, (landscape littered with the wreckage of civilization, but no tools) I’ll take a piece of flint. With fire at my control, what is left of the world can be formed to my desires.



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            Nice topic here lads, it did give me a laugh though.

            I first read the top line and thought ....I've heard of a four post tool (holder)... but not a one post apoplexic tool (holder) ... must be something to do with those quaint 'rocking boat toolholders' that we associate with America, on this side of the pond (like you calling L.H. drills English drills!).

            I'd have to say that Thrud has it right... books are the tools by which dead men talk to the present.

            If I can't have a book can I have a Schaublin 135 lathe (with all attachments) just to look at and get some inspiration??



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              I would choose a Colt .45

              Then I could take everyone elses tools away, and open the first "after apocolypse" Hardware Store!

              Failing that, I would want my Leatherman multi tool.

              Ron aka veeguy


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                I'd choose a Snap On catalogue.
                then I could sit there in the ruins of my post aptocylti.........
                well ruins anyway, and work out have much I have saved by not being able to buy any of these.

                John S.

                Sir John , Earl of Bligeport & Sudspumpwater. MBE [ Motor Bike Engineer ] Nottingham England.


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                  I gotta go with the colt 45 as well. I figure 2 cases ought to hold me for a while, 'long as they're still cold. Can't rebuild the whole world myself anyway, so guess I'll just get wasted and enjoy what little time is left.


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                    I consider the .45 ACP to be one of the finest hand tools I ever owned. As such, it does not qualify for consideration in my little scenario. (landscape littered with the wreckage of civilization, but no tools) I must have been thinking of a post liberal apocalypse: "You can use those tools to make a gun! Horrors, we must ban tools!" And so the apocalypse began...

                    A hammer? start with a hard heavy found object, then improve it.
                    A knife or machete? start with a leaf spring or bumper or fender panel, then improve it.
                    Flint? doesn't count, occurs in nature. The other half, steel, comes from the junk car.

                    Books, by the way, are not hand tools, but brain tools.

                    Thrud selected my first tool of choice - the file. With it I can improve each of the tools listed above, faster than scraping with a rock. I might use the rock where possible to conserve the file, then use the file for more intricate work and finishing.

                    Weston Bye - Author, The Mechatronist column, Digital Machinist magazine
                    ~Practitioner of the Electromechanical Arts~


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                      Ah yes, but if you had a rock, fire (flint) and two pieces of steel, you could make a file.
                      What do you suppose the girls on the post apoc--- world Snap On calendar would look like?

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                      Jim H.


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                        One tool, hmmm. I would choose a library.



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                          Not a gun. A gun is great for defense and hunting but as soon as you run out of ammo or ammo makings a firearm is only a complicated source of high grade steel. The functional life of a precision built firearm in times of great hardship out of doors can be measured in months and it takes daily maintenece to keep it working.

                          I'd choose an ax with a poll like a ranger's ax. The means of keeping it sharp is as near as a suitable piece of sandstone. You can use it to make replacement handles and if you luck on to a souece of steel you can use it to forge its replacement and maybe several extra. You can blacksmith up additional steel to arm your survival group with axes, knives, and other implements.

                          A machete is a good choice but I've cut trees with them and as a major chopping tool they don't compare with an ax. I could build a boat with an az given time but a machete would require twice the labor.

                          Machetes are useless as hammers whereas a ranger's ax has a sturdy hammer head on its poll.

                          On the other hand an ax is clumsy for fine work like making bows an arrows but with patience it can used as such.

                          With an ax and steel salvaged from the debris of our civilization I can make weapons for hunting and defense, a boat or cart, shelter, and by blacksmithing I can make more axes, knives, hammers, shovels, tools of all kinds. I can start and support a family if I have an ax but I'd likely starve alone with anything less. With an ax I can build things for others and establish a barter commerce. With an ax and steel salvaged from the rubble I have the start of steel technology.

                          If starving marauders come to call I can shoot them with silet arrows I made with my bow or if they care to set aside evil intent I can invite them into camp and share with them what food I have.

                          If times get really hungry, I can use an ax to build a smoke house to preserve the scanty meat from starving souls packing rusted-up pistols.

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                            I changed my mind. I want a back-back fusion reactor and a 5 megawatt laser - Shoulder fired. I laugh at your whimpy .45 ha-ha-ha-ha!


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                              Forrest is on a good trail, but I would add a blow gun to the silent defensive tools. The hard part is going to be waiting out the starvation of the vast hord of parasites and free loaders and their leaders that currently exist in society. Hard to restart a market based free society with the empty hand in the way. JMHO

                              Neil Peters
                              Neil Peters

                              When on the hunt, a broken part is better than no part at all.