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brazing -- carbide to tool ??

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  • brazing -- carbide to tool ??

    can some gentle soul out there in internet land walk me through brazing new inserts (tips) onto my mill and lathe tools?

    i've got a 4point flycutter with brazed on
    carbide tips. its done it share of work and needs some new teeth. i've hit the thing with a torch and just can't get the old ones off!

    i'm afraid that going too hot (oxyacetlene) will warp my cutter?

    conversely, how do i braze them back on?
    and how do i get them all "straight" .. ie.. the same height.

    ps.. can i just rotate the old ones? or does the heat damage them somehow?

    thanks x 10^6.

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    The few I've done, I've used silver solder, probably melting at around 1200 degrees F.

    If your inserts are well and truly brazed, that's more like 1800 degrees, probably, so you may need to get them pretty hot before they come off.

    I haven't found that heat bothers carbide, but I haven't done that much with it. I'd avoid concentrated heat; if you have a rosebud tip, I'd go with that and try for general heating.

    As far as getting new ones on so the all line up; I can't imagine any way of doing it well enough so they wouldn't require final grinding in some kind of jig to even them out.
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      have it ground on the flats to remove dings and things and the have the tool properly resharpend by a CNC grinder. It may be cheaper to buy a new face mill with modern inserts in the long run. Some shops use the Dorian cutter that uses the unused edges of the 80* diamond inserts common in most shops - this gives you full use of the insert for turning and face milling. Sort of recycling for us cheap buggers.