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How do you center a square bar in a four jaw?

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    Well, if you have to learn it from computer info.,,,John has the best, most reliable method.


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      Greetings and thanks for asking the stupid question. At least it sounded like someone thought it was a stupid question. But don't let it bother you. Think of it this way. As individuals what would we be without an a$$hole? We'd all get full of .....well, you know what. Well this boards got one too and you just ran up against ours on the first responce you got. But as things go I'm glad you asked it.

      Charlie I like your idea and from the looks of it, so did several others. Reminds me of a crud version of what Sir John, Earl of Sumpwater once posted some time back as the centering device he uses. Low tech and efficiant!

      Okay millman, you got the floor. Go ahead and slice and dice another guy asking an innocent question. That was one clever answer.
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      Thank you to our families of soldiers, many of whom have given so much more then the rest of us for the Freedom we enjoy.

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        Down boy , Bad dog,go get My slippers.


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          Your Old Dog got it right. Over 2,500 viewings and only ONE resident A$$hole needed to Service that many customers and more. Pure talent. Just goes to prove that EVERYONE has a purpose in life...even if it is just to be held up as a BAD EXAMPLE.



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            If you want a quick and dirty way to do this with reasonable accuracy, chuck up a piece of round stock in the THREE jaw chuck that is app. 1/2" larger in diameter that the square stock measures across the corners. Drill and bore the round stock until the square stock stiffly s-l-i-d-e-s into it. You will have remembered to draw file off all the burrs first, of course. Mark the No. 1 jaw postion and remove from the chuck. Drill and tap a hole somewhere between two adjacent jaws and remount in the 3 jaw chuck, re-chucking in the same relationship with the No. 1 jaw. Insert the Square material and tighten the set screw and it will be centered very closely to being dead on. As I said, if it does not have to be dead on, this is much faster and WILL hold the stock parallel to the axis of the lathe.


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              Originally posted by John Stevenson
              That's DP, I had forgotten that one or a variation of it.

              This is an idea I put forward for the first tips book.

              Finished up my version of it today - except for the brazing as my Ox bottle is empty. It works just fine with the mag base dial indicator stand, too.


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                Most of the work I do is in the close enough catagory and this is a method I have used self taught it is not as acurate as the other methods described if it needs to be right on. I find the center of the part with a dial indicater measure the part divide by 2 adjust the dial indicater mark aprox center with felt marker then with the dial indicator adjusted to half outside deminsion make a lite scribe through the ink spot with the blade of the indicator, rotate part and do it again you should have some cross hairs stick your center in the tail stock chuck up the part run the center up and adjust the jaws until the point is in the center of the cross hairs you made. I am a home shop guy not a pro but for most of my projects that is close enough. This will only work if your tail stock is adjusted properly but you can always set that with a center in your head stock and one in the tail stock.
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