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1/4 shank toolholder kit - positive vs neutral rake

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  • 1/4 shank toolholder kit - positive vs neutral rake

    We are the company that manufactures and sells the toolholder kits with High Speed Steel inserts in HSM and MW. (We are a small family business that has made HSS inserts for 40 years for industry). We started making the kits after I subscribed to HSM, realizing that a lot of beginners could benefit from not having to resharpen our standard toolbits.
    During last year's Cabin Fever Expo, a lot of interest was shown for a 1/4 shank kit and boring bars.
    Now for the question. We are putting together a 1/4" kit and a boring bar for the next show (Jan 26-27), and would like to hear responses about positive rake vs. neutral rake in the holder. Keep in mind, these kits will be used by novices and experienced alike. The insert will have a (Positive) 11 degree side clearance angle.

    Please keep in mind I am Not trying to sell you kits, I am asking for input.


    Mike Warner

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    Is there a web site where I can look at your products?

    James Kilroy
    James Kilroy


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      Thanks for your interest. Our web site is



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        With all the problems most people have grinding bits, I am surprised no one thought of HSS inserts before. I presume they are much cheaper than carbide?

        I only use negative rake tooling when I need to turn a hardened shaft or cleaning up a casting for turning. The rest of the time I use High positive inserts with a small nose radius in the V & W style inserts as well as high positive in R and C style. All my Insert tooling is 3/8" shank except for cutoff and the negative rake stuff

        My Boring bars are HSS (hate them all), Carbide "C" style 6mm, 8mm, 10 mm, & 12 mm bars and a 1.25" full sized bar.

        I will check out your site.