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  • cabin fever value?

    Cabin Fever is January 19th to the 21st in York, PA. Have any of you attended in other years? Is the auction worth seeing? The exhibits aren't open on Friday, are they? Are the displays mostly model engines?

    It is a long way for me to travel and was wondering whether to make the trip. Thanks--Mike.

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    Hello Mikem. I attended my first Cabin Fever last year and I really enjoyed it. I drove 8 hours to get there too and I still thought it was worth it. I'm planning on going back again this year also. I didn't attend the auction so I can't comment on that but the exhibits were great. There was a lot of model engines, steam engines, and some miniature firearms exhibits and some miscellanious stuff as well. I also drove up to the NAMES show in Toledo in April and it was about a 8 hour drive also. If that is closer for you then it is just as good if not better. If you have never attended one of these shows it is definitely worth attending at least one time. I really enjoy seeing what other people are working on and it is a great way to meet others interested in the same things you are. Hope this helps.
    Jonathan P.


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      Cabin Fever

      I have been attending Cabin Fever since 2002 and exhibiting sice 2004. It is a great show I can not compare it to the others because I have not gone to the other big shows. The vendors and many of the exhibitors are set up on Friday. Although engines are not usualy running, air is not on yet. CF is usualy very well attended. somewhere around 2000 people lined up at the door at 9AM and elbow to elbow inside by 9:30 on saterday morning. I have had the pleasure of meeting several folks from this board face to face at these shows.
      Yes mosly model engines but folks also bring there home shop built tools as well . There is usualy a section for the live steam loco guys and a indoor pond for the r/c steamboat and submarine folks. There is something to see for kids of all ages. It is also an opportunity to meet the folks at villiage press and pick up a book or two from them.
      I am one of the fortunate ones am only a few hours away. People come from far and wide to this show. Canada, New England , Florida California . North Dakota etc.
      Yes!! It is worth attending.
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        To echo what Tin and japcas have stated, Yep, definately worth attending. Takes me about 8 hours to make the drive. Went to the past two auctions, bought a few items both times, but as with all auctions, you never know unless you go. I've met a lot of nice folks (Tin and japcas included) and still remain in contact with quite a few. We usually try to have a HSM BB meeting to put a face with that name you have been typing. If you haven't been, i highly recommend the trip, probably will not be your last. If you are like me, you will depart Cabin Fever with more knowledge and projects than you came with. See you there.


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          Yes to Cabin Fever

          My son and I have been going since the first. It has always been a good show. I display my models and engines. I come from central NY, about 5 hours. I see a lot of people viewing on Friday, but Saturday is the big day.



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            If I can only be there on Friday, will there be enough stuff to see to make it worthwhile? Are most of the vendors setting up on Friday? Do they allow you to see the display floor on Friday? Thanks--Mike.


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              The Cabin Fever shows are local to me, one of their "old" locations was across the tracks in the next township, about a ten minute walk from home. The York location, is next door to the factory that I used to work at, the factory is closed and torn down now, only the electric service poles, etc are still standing. I have not gone to any of the Friday auctions, but I have the feeling that they have thinned out the "swap and sell" portions of the show on Sat/Sun. I have plans on attending in Jan, but I don't think I'll be introducing myself, but I have plans, and hopefully the $$$ to bring some stuff back to the shop. My daughter likes to go see all the "toys", she really likes the boats. I will be my sons first show, so he will get a t-shirt, for sure.
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                I have gone for the past three or four years. For me it is a two plus hour drive. It is always fun. I have never been to the Friday auction either. Saturday is Very crowded but you see alot of models, plans, kits and stuff. I always have a good time. I enjoyed the Iron Fever show in York because it was much less crowded but also less stuff. You could see more closely but less to see. It evened out. I did not go to the Iron fever show at the new location. I always see things that get me fired up to make when I get back home. Fred


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                  I've been the last 4 or 5 years. I bring my dad who's 80, and he looks forward to it all year. It's sort of the same thing every year, some new models, lots and lots of stuff to buy, and always amazing bargains if you're willing to dig. Bring a sturdy bag or daypack to carry all the crap you'll accumulate, and wear warm layerables; it's cold in there early, and warms up as the crown radiates heat. It's a mandatory pilgrimage for gearheads and machine types on this coast.
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