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  • Where I live

    Everyone takes the piss out of us in the UK being a small island, crowded etc but it does have it's advantages.
    Note the scale on this map at the bottom.

    I'm round about the No 1 mark.
    2 is cleaning material store
    3 is plating shop
    4 is car parts warehouse
    5 is pneumatic suppliers
    6 is CNC shop
    7 is printers
    8 is another car parts
    9 is garage
    10 is toolmakers
    11 is hardening shop
    12 is builders yard
    13 is tool hire
    14 is hardware suppliers
    15 is pub
    16 is computer shop
    17 is air products gas bottle exchange
    18 is fabrication shop
    19 is hardware store
    20 is bolt suppliers
    21 is tool and cutter grinders and suppliers
    22 is bearing suppliers
    23 is another pub

    That lot can be walked in half an hour.

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    Sir John , Earl of Bligeport & Sudspumpwater. MBE [ Motor Bike Engineer ] Nottingham England.

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    And just off the edge of the photo is France.


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      Lucky bugger ! I've got similar things at my disposal but the scale is around 1500 MILES.

      This must be one of John's neighbors ... another lucky bugger unless the queen has her way with him:



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        Looks like too long a walk to the pub!! Good looking area to live in, wish I were there. Fred


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          What a load of bollocks, every one knows it really looks like this , unless its dark and raining.


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            You forgot to point out Osama's council houseAlistair
            Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease


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              A half an hour? Geez, it takes me that long to walk down front and get the mail and walk back. If I need something else, I jump in the P-kup and go up-town. The bed holds most of the junk I bring back. Don't have to hold it or carry it walking around.

              I'm 3 1/2 miles from town, 25 miles from the big city. I can see stars at night and if the cattle stay in the North pasture, breath fresh air 24/7.


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                1 My house
                2 Pub
                3 Gun club and range
                4 Race track
                5 500KV power line X 3. Makes money if California pays their bill.
                6 Williams Lake
                7 My shop, my wife's shop and my favorite metal supplier
                8 Sawmills. They pay the bills around here.
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                  Originally posted by rantbot
                  And just off the edge of the photo is France.
                  Bloody hell that miles away.
                  It's 200 miles to the coast and then it takes 20 minutes thru the Channel Tunnel to go and fill the truck up with duty free booze.

                  It's that much hassle I only do it once a year

                  You could be right


                  Sir John , Earl of Bligeport & Sudspumpwater. MBE [ Motor Bike Engineer ] Nottingham England.


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                    Looks nice Sir John and Evan too. I have to drive 15 miles to the nearest anything and its not a tool or material supplier......but it sure is nice and quite and at night you can see the stars.
                    John R


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                      Come on guys

                      I have to drive 3 miles to a county road and the mail box, over 50 miles to a gas station and 100 miles to a town of 25K. Metal supplier over 300 miles. My shop is 200 yds. from the house. The cows are closer than the shop.

                      Talk about stars, you can reach out and touch them. If you see a shooting star you best duck. We don't even have TV out here. Want to talk about quiet, you wouldn't believe it.

                      GUNS Don't kill people
                      Drivers using cell phones do.


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                        It's swings and roundabouts.

                        You guys over there get all that open space and plenty of land around you to build those nice big workshops.
                        We get lots of Pubs within 5 minutes staggering distance

                        These are a few pictures from where I live.
                        They were perhaps a little bit big for the page here and I couldn't be bothered to resize them, so just links will have to do.

                        Kersey Village
                        Kersey Watersplash
                        Chelsworth Peacock
                        Chelsworth Bridge
                        Church & Deanery Tower



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                          Sir John .
                          I'm surprised you haven't listed the pub as number one

                          three of Alistairs green painted grineys follow

                          All the best.mark


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                            Im caught somewhere inbetween what John has and what Evan has, great for right now but i want to be more like what evan has eventually..


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                              I'd like to trade places with you folks that live in the rural areas for sure.
                              Peter's pics of where he lives are just plain beautiful.
                              I live in the Texas suburbs. Everything man made is less than 50 years old. No history to it. What was here got cut down during construction. Lots of shopping, restaurants, theaters etc. All are within a couple of miles. Local metal supplier is 20 minutes away though. IIRC, my city has over 300,000 in it now....
                              Evans place looks like upper Michigan where Jane has a cabin on some land next to a river. I like going there.