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  • is Norm OK

    Anyone heard from Norm Atkinsons I just got a garbled email from him I hope he's ok Alistair
    Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease

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    Originally posted by Alistair Hosie
    Anyone heard from Norm Atkinsons I just got a garbled email from him I hope he's ok Alistair
    That sounds normal them

    No joking apart I saw him at the Midlands show, the daft old bugger even brought me a bottle of wine [ Cheers hick ]

    He did mention he was having some water works problems and might have to go back in again for a rebore.In fact he came over later and said he was leaving early due to medical problems.
    If I here from him I'll post on but he posted about 3 times on the Myford Yahoo group yesterday,

    Perhaps having a break from this board and persuing topic closer to his heart ?

    Sir John , Earl of Bligeport & Sudspumpwater. MBE [ Motor Bike Engineer ] Nottingham England.


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      Originally posted by Alistair Hosie
      I just got a garbled email from him I hope he's ok Alistair
      Are you sure it was garbled, or was it just the Scottish cypher he sometimes uses?

      I exchanged emails with Norm a week back, and he was just as coherent as I was
      "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did."


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        well heres what I got verbatum however I have since had a more coherent message more or less as John says peeing probs Alistair here it is

        Sorry, mate.
        Can't get back into system.

        You could always make a rude comment about - not everyone has a mental institution next door.

        Health report

        Am bleeding internally

        Take care

        God Bless

        Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease


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          Norms` OK in my books too.

          oops !...................
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            Norm`s OK in my books too.

            Kind thoughts and best wishes are on their way Norm.


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              I'm hoping he may have just corned one of those matrons he speaks of !! C'mon Norman, the woodwork ain't all that thick you can't crawl out! Best wishes.

              - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
              Thank you to our families of soldiers, many of whom have given so much more then the rest of us for the Freedom we enjoy.

              It is true, there is nothing free about freedom, don't be so quick to give it away.


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                Norm Take it Easy

                Do what the doctor says. You get well. Mike aka madman


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                  I also got an odd email from him where he seems to think I am the moderator of this forum and mentions going into the hospital in at most 14 days


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                    I got strange email this morning, too. Apparently his account is acting up and he thinks he's been banned, which, of course, he hasn't been. Whatever problem he's having can probably be fixed easily. I just wished he'd contacted me sooner.

                    Hopefully I'll hear from him soon.



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                      is Norm OK?

                      I am delighted to inform you that I can personally respond and say that I am 'still here' although under a new guise.
                      I fell to bits- for no apparent reason whilst being away from home at an RAF reunion.I started to run a fever, stopped eating and drinking and finally made it home via Uncle John and calling at every toilet.
                      It got worse,as it it would appear that the antibiotics violently reacted.
                      In fact, you could could violet-ly reacted.

                      Basically, within the next 14 days I have to go to hospital.

                      Finally, thank you all for getting things sorted out. Again, my good wishes to you all. Later, I hope to further confuse you at some later date

                      Cheers from the Aviemoron. Aviemore- Avie-moron.


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                        Norm has an uncanny sense of humor. I admire the old chap dearly. Hope all is well.



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                          Norm I am very Glad to hear my old pal is functioning on both barrels well kind of get back soon as you are sorely missed amongst the intelligencia and myselfAlistair
                          Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease


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                            Norm, good to hear from you - stop trying to out drink the current RAF and don't be too tough on the nurses. look forward to seeing you back here
                            in Toronto Ontario - where are you?


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                              Going roughly into the Gaelic, I would expect Avie is like the Welsh- Aber or 'Mouth of' and " Moron" is self explanatory!

                              Aviemore- and you know that it is a place which is North of the Highland Line.
                              This separates the Gaels from the Sassenachs- or lowlanders.

                              ( That should be enough, Alistair, to hitch up the kilt and wrap the plaid and get out one's Clan Tartan. After all, the tartan is an invention dating from Queen Victoria's time- and not earlier! And she wasn't Scots, she was German!)

                              Well, that should keep us all occupied and safely away from everyday politics.

                              PS Thanks, McG!
                              Actually I got to less than a half pint of lager before the Tornado came in- and that was that.
                              Later, my appendicies turned---- blue.- and NOT Air Force Blue.

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