As in following threads...

I bought some nice threading inserts while shopping for something else entirely. Not having a holder, I made one easily enough:

But now I needed a project to try it out on. Distractions kept me away from it for a couple weeks, but then yesterday I was browsing Dave Hyland's site and saw a fun little project that would let me use my dad's power hacksaw, my new thread insert, my recently built mandrel handle, and let me salvage an old Jacobs drill chuck I had laying around since 1974:

So I wacked off a chunk of hex stock and turned down a .375 end. I swapped gears to get 24 tpi, and threaded my turned end:

So the thread I'm following is, one tool lead to the next, each requiring an earlier inspiration. And I'm sitting here wondering how they made the chuck in the first place and started googleing. That brought me to this yet-another-interesting-webpage:

which I immediately bookmarked. I like the hand drawn art and the brief discussions of the topics. It's basic stuff, but a nice searchable quick reference.