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  • DRO's on ebay.....

    What is the opinion of the dro's from singapore on ebay....?
    I dont mind making the investment.....just dont want to buy something that lasts a year or so and has to be thrown in the garbage.
    I want to purchase a 3 axis unit for my model 55 INDEX.
    Any advise or help in the right direction will be greatly appreciated.


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    When I bought a DRO, I decided I wanted something I could absolutely rely on, and get service for if it needed it. I got an Acu-Rite from Mike at for what I thought was a very good price. If you haven't investigated Can-Do-Machinery, you may want to take a look. Mike was also really good about responding to my numerous e-mail questions before (and after!) purchase.

    That's not exactly a direct response to your question about Singapore DROs, but it may be an alternative for you to look at.
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      I would say the most important issue is customer service.
      I have no problem paying a few extra bucks if it keeps me from losing sleep every night.
      Thanx for the gonna start the long road to researching the different manufacturers and distributers.



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        Also check into the jenix systems on e-bay, they are korean, they have etched glass scales good to 2/10ths, have most of the frills for calculating and such -- very high quality and almost priced with the lowest quality stuff, very happy with mine, talk to Tim Bernard if you have any questions, he will also work with you if your scales are oddball size and stuff, very nice guy.


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          I also have a Jenix on my BP clone, had it for a couple of years, it's been rock solid - never missed a beat. I also have just purchased a "Sino" or "Meister", same thing I think. The unit installed fine, but I do have a couple of issues with it. The display is somehow not as readable - the unlit segments are pretty obvious. The power switch is annoying on the back of the unit. OK, I can deal with those. Major problems (this is a three-axis lathe unit) is that the Z0 + Z1 function just does not work, and there are some issues with trying to input a dimension in the diameter mode - I can make it work, but have to "sneak up on it the back way". I am still working with the vendor, so this is not definative. The guy is good at getting back to me, but I do not get the feeling that I am talking to anyone who has actually used one of the units. Add that to English probably beiny his second language, and the e-mail thing, and I can ask a question, and get a cheerfull answer, but still not feel like I know anything more. I would go back with Tim next time. Good Luck, Mike


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            I'm happy with my two Shooting Star DROs that I've had for the last 5 or 6 years. The resolution is good enough for 99% of what I do - I think .002 or something like that per ft. Customer service is great also. I've installed one of these in an industrial environment and it held up fine. The glass scale units others offer have some advantages, but are pricey to replace if they break. I have no experience with the Singapore units but do recalling reading some decent reviews somewhere.



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              I've bought Acu-Rite from Candomachinery as well and Mike is a good guy to deal with and very good prices. He also has a number of brands. Haven't seen the Jenix in person but I have looked into it as a possibility. Have read only good things about it and "Linear Measuring Systems" , the ebay seller of Jenix.

              That's funny, can't find Jenix on ebay anymore although LMS is still there with Acu-Rite, Fagor and Newall DROs.



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                See item # 330042606404 on ebay.
                Looks like a great price?!

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