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    I was looking at Sir John's pic of where he lives and how easy it is pick up items needed!
    I needed an odd size spring pin today.5/16 was too loose and 3/8 was too big.
    Since the nearest supplier was further then John has to go for duty free booze, I had to come up with something.
    Tried a smaller spring pin inside the 5/16, but again this was too large.
    Took a taper pin and tapped it inside the 5/16 pin until it came tight.
    Worked great.
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    good tip. Should be easy to remove when the time comes provided the other side of the center pin is accessible. Just drive the "wedge" out and the spring pin should drop free as you likely did not exceed its elastic limit.

    The only concern might be if this is subject to lots of vibration as the taper pin is really only contacting the spring pin over a small portion of its taper. Vibrate it a bit loose and it will get really loose in a hurry.

    Paul Carpenter
    Mapleton, IL