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  • OT just got back from the ER

    Wear a helmet when you ride your bike, luckily my leg and shoulder and hip took most of the fall. Tore up something in my leg, cant walk, stranded from school, cant go to classes, gonna need surgery most likely. THe head thing coukld of been much worse, dont be stupid, wear a helmet!

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    Well, that sucks. A helmet saved my head once. I was tooling down the street at about 30 mph in Berkeley on my little Honda 50 when a woman pulled directly out in front of me and then stopped. I had nowhere to go because of a center divider and parked cars plus the road was wet. I got it sideways before I hit so didn't do an endo over the car. I slammed into the drivers door and my helmet put a dent about six inches wide in the top of the door frame. Scared the crap out of the driver as she never saw me. Mashed my leg between the bike and the door, didn't work very well for quite a while. Foot peg left a hole in the door too.
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      Dude, that SUCKS!

      Hopefully your recovery will be nearly complete and be fairly quick. Don't know your local time, but get some rest, before the Hospital magic wears off.
      Today I will gladly share my experience and advice, for there no sweeter words than "I told you so."


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        Exercise is the key to good health

        Well that sucks,don't jump into surgery too quick,things might be better by morning.

        In our prayers,
        I just need one more tool,just one!


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          Not to pick on any motorcycle enthusiasts but here's a grim statistic from about 15 years ago. On average over 7 years, chances are 100% a motorcyclist who rides every day will need hospital care. Lots of guys never do get banged up but these are balanced by the guys who seem to wear casts all year long.

          Here's something else: A motorcyclist find himself a victim in a situation were the motorist that hits him is fully aware and vigilent. Moving road hazards are 99% car and truck sized. Small hazards like guys on scooters don't seem to register especially in heavy or - oddly - light traffic.. This is National Highway Safety Commission stuff.

          Hear's another: loud pipes don't help. Often they're a distraction because a driver can't tell where the pipes are from the accoustics of the road and in his car. He may even be distracted from keeping an eye open for the motorcyle he thinks maybe elsewhere.

          There's a lot of urban legends circulated among motorcycle riders. Some are not only flat untrue but can kill you if you give them credence at the wrong moment.
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            Skating for free...

            Not to "curb" anyones "rules" on wearing a helmet while riding a bike but this is something to chew on, well over 50,000 miles on my Mt. bike over some of the most brutal terrain (at speed and many of crashes) in colorado without a helmet and only a very small fraction of that with wearing one only because they wont let you race without it -------- fact is is i got in a wreck about 6 years ago when i wasnt wearing one and it was a bad one, a direct hit to the forehead on pavement that pushed my head back and then luckly my face got involved, jacked my neck up, go to see a very experienced chiropractor and he says to me that if i was wearing a helmet i would have been a quad -------- said all it would have took was the extra inch of front foam on top of my head to not only increase the leverage off my head but to keep my face from taking up the extra angle.......
            Iv never used them unless on race day ------------- Now Im skating for free, is it right for everybody --- god no,,, but it has worked for me and now the system is in my favor.... Odds of percentage? fuqe that, helmets suck hind tit, at least they do for me and you really cant have a rational arguement with that...

            want reality,,, check into the first Mt. bike helmets that didnt have the hardskin cover but were just styrofoam, kids were skidding out on trails and catching imbedded rocks with the styrofoam (still happens with the hard shells on occasion) and twisting off thier heads, most wouldnt even have connected with the rocks without the extra two inches of foam hanging off thier heads...

            To me you have to way things out, its kinda like wearing a seat belt while driving the river road to salida, odds are your not going to hit another car but you could end up in the brink upside down in the river and the inertia (or pendulum) devise overiding the release mechanism of the thing that was supposed to save you, (gulp-gulp-gulp)

            This is just a heads up, realize that there are risk factors involved in safety devices, Its just a pet pieve of mine --- if your going to say wear something to prevent something please give the counter percentage of all the people who will be killed or dismembered and such by doing so --- overall percentage just dont cut it with some of the people on this board... to me --- helmets suck.


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              no venom

              It be good to hear that your head unit is still functioning Bill; a lucky escape? .

              I have ridden pre and post compulsary helmet legislation.
              I cannot ride anymore but still hold that helmets give riders a false sense of security. Consequently they ride faster and take more risks. They hear less, see less and lose focus. Couple this with the number of DD&B drivers out there increases the accident risk further.
              Losing the grey matter in an accident has less to do with helmets and a lot more to do with missfortune and stupidity.
              I would be as greatly concerned with limb and body damage as head injury.
              Maybe we should all only ever ride in cars? except that, apparently, a very large number of head injuries occur in auto accidents.
              We have side intrusion bars, air bags, seat belts, ABS etc.
              Helmets in cars could/should be mandatory?
              Commonsense and luck are large part of life.
              I`m tired of 'safety' being legislated into my life until I cannot breath.
              Stuff them I say, any safety measures are my option.


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                The fiberglass hardshell on my helmet back in '66 or so was Snell approved and it was crushed like an eggshell on a hard boiled egg that you dropped on the floor. If I hadn't been wearing it that would have been my skull and would have ruined the entire day.

                You can buy helmets with a cervical cutout if the neck issue concerns you.

                Your argument is the same as the seatbelt argument that some people use. It's often possible to find an example where a safety device ends up making an injury worse or even causes one but the overwhelming number of times it is needed it does what it should and reduces or eliminates serious injury. Not wearing a helmet isn't an even odds game. It's more like playing russian roulette.
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                  Originally posted by Evan
                  It's more like playing russian roulette.
                  but with 5 bullets and one empty. an anecdote, like the guy who claims a seatbelt would have saved him, while great if it worked in your favour, is just and anecdote, its not an argument against broader statistical data.

                  Bill, a speedy recovery. I do agree with Forrest though, its a dangerous lifestyle riding a bike, only a matter of time imo. Then again its each persons choice.
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                  in Toronto Ontario - where are you?


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                    I'm unsure whether it was a bicycle or motorcycle, but in any event, I hope you have a speedy recovery, BillH.

                    I separated a shoulder in a bicycle accident years ago, and that's how I came to understand that enough pain can make a person do (or not do) anything. Anything at all.

                    I hope you can avoid surgury, but if not, try to get the best quality care and listen to your Doc (and your body.) Be well.

                    The curse of having precise measuring tools is being able to actually see how imperfect everything is.


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                      Best wishes for a quick recovery, Bill. I hope it turns out better than it now seems.


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                        35+ years of road bicycles and skateboards, 25+ years of street motorcycles, many years racing bicycles, 5 seasons roadracing motorcycles, 5seasons racing sprint karts.

                        I've been on the ground courtesy of a car 4 times, once on a motorcycle, 3 times on a bicycle. Racing motorcycles I had 2 or 3 crashes. No broken bones, no serious injuries.

                        I commute to work through Washington DC chaos traffic in the city almost every day, and wear a fully armored Aerostich Darien 2 piece suit with the top half in Hi-viz yellow, an Arai XD helmet, fully armored held race gloves, and Oxtar boots which are just this side of motocross boots. The combined cost of all the gear is more than my first couple bikes combined, but in the event that taxi u-turns into me, I'm much more likely to get up, beat every window out of said taxi with my Kryptonite chain, and continue on to work.

                        Helmets have saved my life on a number of occasions, and quality riding apparel has been sacrificed avoiding roadrash. I've been hot in the summer, but I'll never, EVER ride without every advantage I can get.
                        "Lay on ground-light fuse-get away"


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                          Analogy of a helmet

                          Im sorry I got so steamed about this last night and didnt even make a comment about your crash Bill, I wish you a speedy recovery ---

                          I also hear the word "bike" and assume you were talking about a bicycle not a motorcycle,
                          But either one I do believe a helmet can be a double edge sword, when i hear somebody tell me to wear one i get a little pissed, Im so greatful i wasnt when i crashed esp. the big one, if your going to play the odds game fine --- at least make the statement that helmets are overall safer but by useing one you can be killed or seriously injured, God --- even the obnoxious drug companies have to do that, Crestor may help most people avoid a heart attack in the long run but they also state that it can vaporize your liver,

                          I would just like to see more awareness about just what helmets do, different sports vary but when it comes to cycling i will tell you this, if your riding on a spongy or sandy trail your chances of a severe head injury are nill, yet having this massive fulcrum plate anchored to your head can increase injury to your neck 10 fold, bicycle helmets are impact helmets by design and they use very thick foam that hangs out in front and on the sides, good for impact - bad for leverage on the neck, in general --- wear a bike helmet on certain types of rides - decrease your head injuries BUT drastically increase your neck injuries, and im hear to tell you --- wear a bike helmet on certain types of other rides - not much bennifit for head injuries and terrible odds against you for neck injuries, if you want to play the odds game things can be turned around very quickly in favor of not wearing one ---- yet millions of people dont even think twice about it and assume a helmet is safer in all instances,
                          Its hard to imagine going out of your way to strap something on your head thats going to turn you into a quadraplegic a few moments later ----- Fact -- I can show you many of Mt. bike trail that puts you (the helmet wearer) on the poor choice of the russian roulette game.

                          Evan, the cervical cuttout does nothing to decrease the amount of leverage that the bicycle helmet has on the neck, it also does nothing to change the leverage angle --- beleive me, i know its hard to imagine but there are certain types of crashes where you want your face to get involved, they arent called "faceplants" just for the hell of it, now imagine having a lever anchored a couple inches off your forehead and the weight of your body behind all the momentum ----- thats suicide my friend.

                          A quick note about another type of helmet that i really dont believe they could do a better job building for the aplication it is used for, The top line white water kayaking helmet is extremly low profile, is a fiberglass hardshell outer skin that fits like a glove and only has about 1/4" of inner foam --- they slip off of slippery river rocks when you hit, they have enough foam to make cranking rocks tollerable, To whitewater kayak without a helmet is total suicide that is if your doing river running, Iv never seen a boater not wearing one, its a situation that is almost 100% in your favor, yet when my local surf wave has pumped up to 3,500 CFS I have been known to forget to put my helmet on after taking a break by shore and people remind me, This situation is not river running, its a wave that at that level i know i have a good 6' when upside down to the river bed and because its in the same spot there is usually no suprises, still, this is spring melt after all and i have had to dodge full railroad ties and massive trees that come through the wave, when im reminded i head back to shore and put my helmet back on, I think with no risk of wearing one it would be kind of foolish not to...


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                            I was riding my bicycle, a mountain bike actually with street tires. The good news is that I got 20 miles in before it happened. I was going to do 30 though...
                            I came up to a stop sign, another driver came up to the same intersection, I usually blow by the stop signs, this time though because of other traffic I decided to slow way down. I hit the breaks too hard, slid off my seat and must of been straddling the bike going 15 mph before I was sideways and skidding on the pavement. The guy got out of his car and helped me. He couldnt drive me back though to the house that was less than 1 mile away, he had to catch a plane to India. So I rode my bike the final mile using my 1 good leg to peddle. In my fall, my shoulder hit first, then my head. In this particular fall a helmet would of been nothing but a GOOD thing to have on.
                            AK Boomer, sounds like your doing the downhill racing stuff on Mountain Bikes? That is an entirely different beast than road biking, different situation altogether.
                            You know, if I decided to stay in Miami this weekend I wouldn't of wiped out my bike but something else may of happened instead. Just gotta roll with what life throws at ya.


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                              I basically do cross country, it can be brutal terrain but its much more technical but way lower speeds, most of your downhillers have the full face lower profile motorcycle style helmet, it gives good protection whithout as much risk to the neck, X country riders cant wear these because we consume oxygen like a charging buffalo so for one you cant have a full face, you can get the BMX style but then you overheat your head and start to make stupid mistakes because brain temps skyrocket --- this is a huge factor in race cars also -- its why they make air conditioned helmets that operate off of the cars electrical system, the helmets actually have freon and everything, brain temps are critical when racing at over 200 MPH, many of driver has died because of poor split second reaction time due to to hot of a head...........