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Alistair's new lathe

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  • Thrud
    You made a good choice, I was going to recommend that one to you as well. it sounded like a great deal at the price the asked in the ad.

    I have the Maximat 7 as you know. The set up you will end up with is larger and you should have no problem "fudging" it. You lucky bugger...

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  • Alistair Hosie
    started a topic Alistair's new lathe

    Alistair's new lathe

    Well it seems to be going good so far have made an offer which has been verbally accepted,on the Viceroy Synchro.
    It comes with an over the bed Rishton Milling attachment which I was going to not bother with at first ,but after advice from my old pal ragarsed seems like it is a good machine to have.I have been offered the lathe with or without this obviously it is cheaper without but I am really growing on the idea of both because of the quality of it and it is all good stuff.
    The situation of the milling attachment is central I e nearest to the centre of the lathe over the topslide, and not over the head as with some new chinese lathes I have been put of this type by articles I have read.I believe if all goes well I will go for both as I have never done any milling before but have read alot about it and would like to have the facility, as I don't have a milling machine at the moment and it has been a consideration of mine to get one .I have been put of in the past by the weight and size of most second hand good ones on offer .I expect it will do till I get used to milling but should I wait and get a proper seperate mill at the moment or satisfy myself with this even as a temporary measure.I am sure in any case it will sell later on if I am dissapointed and I would get my money back if not happy with it's restrictions and then go for something with a proper table.Does anyone have this type of set up and how do they cope with it.Remember I will mostly be doing small hobby jobs mostly for making jigs etc any advice would be welcome as to the shortfalls of this type of set up and design.In the meantime I woullike to thank Ragarsed for all the help and advice he has given me he is a great guy. regards Alistair