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how were measurements done?

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    Glad you're back and hope you're feeling better.

    I got lucky and picked up three glass Heidenhains, brand new, TTL output, from an ebay guy (outside contact) for about $100 each. A sweet 120mm and also a 320mm which should handle my carriage needs (and a 220mm spare). They are the LS473 (LS series, funny number for specific customer) and are +/- 5 micron accuracy !

    Just had to wire to a 9 pin for my acu-rite turning dro. The scale housing is about 18mm thick X 31mm tall (see that, metric info for you CAs ). What's the series of the Mitutoyo indicator stick ?

    Email me if you want the contact info for the scale guy (he may still have some).


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      I've been lucky anything I've wanted I've found at yard sales and on ebay. I go with the name brands like Starrett or others. I'm hearing that machine shops are going out of business (some to retirement) in record numbers, you'd think they was a telecomm parts manufacturer. I'd be checking around the local shops they'll know who is retiring etc. I've seen a lot of machinist retiring and just putting their whole tool box up for sale you have to take the whole thing good with the bad. Buy the whole box is you can afford it and put the rest on ebay. Might make your money back that way. You might want to read "Fundamentals of Dimensional metrology" published by Delmar Publishing isbn 0827301936. I'd look for that book at and get it used.
      If you want to go optical (interferometer) then you might want the dover book "Studies in Optics" by A.A. Michelson ISBN 0486687007. Michelson is considered by me to be one of the kings of Metrology.
      Good luck with your project.