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  • Idea for Neil

    How about a line or two in one of the mags like "Best of the board"?
    Some of the tips like removing a tap with alum might be useful to readers.
    What do others think? Good, bad, ugly?
    Just an idea.

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    I think it is a great idea.

    Some other mags do stuff like this, notably Gas Engine Magazine, where stuff from the "Smokstak" board and the oil field engine email group each has an article in every issue.


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      Speaking of suggestions: As a B'day gift idea, I'd suggested to my wife that she get me the 'Shop Wisdom..' book of Deene Johnson's, and pointed her to this website. But later when I looked I could not find it listed. In fact I could only find the R. Kouhoupt books. I would think it a good idea to have ALL of the books listed here.

      (I apologize for diverging from the main topic, but thought it would more likely come to Neil's attention here.)
      Lynn (Huntsville, AL)


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        Best of the board- I like it. There's enough ingenuity and enthusiasm shown here, I'm sure we can collectively brainstorm our way to some interesting stuff, which would certainly enhance our magazine. Humor is certainly popular, just check out the 'old well cut up for post holes' thing. Lathe tips, mill tips, shop-made custom tools, cutters, jigs, procedures worked out to solve snags, etc. all would be interesting to me.
        I seldom do anything within the scope of logical reason and calculated cost/benefit, etc- I'm following my passion-


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          Neil,are you listening?


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            I wonder if we'll get a response from Neil in the editorial asking us to actually send in some material? I'm recalling the frustration of Robert Washburn of the now defunct Strictly IC magazine, as he implores readers to send in material, noting the fact that he just can't do it all himself. I think what we need to ask of Neil is to give us a format to use to send in our own little tidbits to be included as is, in a column, and not to have to do much work to actually write the column. This might be - maximum x no. of words, a pic of x size, etc. I guess I'm talking 'tool tips' or 'custom cutters' or 'how'd I do that?' etc. I think all of these headings suggests ways we indidually do come up with a solution to some problem of machining or fixturing or processing.(and also relieve our stresses, via humor) Ok, so that was my idea for a column, I'd like to get some feedback from Neil. As for Best of the Board- can we somehow use a 'custom' topic to enter our individual feedback in , say, one single sentence each, so Neil can read just that topic, and get to know what we readers think is 'best'? I'm just brainstorming here, trying to generate ideas. I don't think we can expect Neil to peruse the entire forum, and create/select the content for the new column himself, for each issue.

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            I seldom do anything within the scope of logical reason and calculated cost/benefit, etc- I'm following my passion-


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              The Home Shop Machinist already has this feature. It is the Readers Forum, just send your ideas in, and they will print them.
              They used to have a column called Chips and Sparks for these items, but no longer have it. Probably due to lack of material.
              I think they are really in need of quality contributions, so do it. If the quantity merits it, I am sure they will come up with a different method to present the information.
              Jim H.


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                JC, as I see it, that isn't at all the same.

                For instance, the G.E.M. version has all the responses to a question, basically the whole thread printed so you can see the entire discussion, with debated issues etc.

                Presumably OT references to meatloaf etc that sneal in could be edited out...........


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                  Oso, I was basically replying to previous post that was suggesting a column or format to submit.
                  I haven't seen G.E.M. for a while, but don't know if I'd want to see some of the things on this board in print, if you know what I mean.
                  Jim H.


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                    This is my third attempt to answer the questions posted on this thread. Let me begin by saying the suggestions posed herein have a good deal of benefit.

                    There are a pretty good number of magazine subscribers who do not have access to the web. To them, the information posted within the board would be "new stuff." Other subscribers may feel they are being shorted because the information they are reading in today's magazine was that which they had read 6 weeks prior on the BBS. That's the downside. The upside is the information posted from the website may spark further advancements in regards to the topic presented. Ultimately, that may result in new articles being submitted, which is good, and that leads us to the next comment.

                    There are certain limitations we have in the presentation of articles in the magazines. Specifically, we cannot print what we do not have. Some readers have commented about having more articles on specific topics. If we have the material available, we can do it. More often, though, we have to wait for an energetic author to come forward with the requested material. And that's fine too. The downside is the timeframe can be fairly extensive. We have a reasonable pool of articles but it is certainly finite. As such, new material is always welcome.

                    The quality of submittals varies about as much as can be imagined. Remember, most submittals are made by the average hobbyist who is more intent on enjoying the hobby than creating the perfect tome. We do what we can to assure the continuity of the material but sometimes we fall a little short. Very fortunately, our readers are usually quite capable of grasping the gist of the material and frequently improve upon it. I am grateful for those who will take the time to write down what they have done so the rest of us can learn something new.

                    I hope you can notice some changes to our website. Our IT people and the art department have been working on some issues that have persisted on the web pages. The most important projects involve fixing some of the quirks on the site... links that don't work, books that aren't present, etc.. It's very frustrating to have a prospective subscriber say he had to go to another site to get a sub because our site didn't work. We should be perfectly capable of doing it ourselves.

                    The comment about Chips & Sparks is true. While the column is definitely not eliminated, if there is nothing to present, there is no column for that issue. The same can be said about the Third Hand column and the First Look column. Let me further comment about the Third Hand column. The services offered by that column has been largely supplanted by this BBS. Those items that used to be submitted by mail are now offered here. In a way, it's a good thing. You have the information almost immediately... no three-month wait. Same holds true with the Chips & Sparks column.

                    Yep, we can use more articles and the spectrum is wide. I've had some say, "No more computer stuff!" which is followed by, "More CNC!" Others have said, "more machine articles" and others have said, "More projects." It's perplexing.

                    Let me finish by saying I appreciate all suggestions on how to improve our magazines and our hobby.

                    Thank you all for your support.