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lathe tailstock drilling

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  • lathe tailstock drilling

    Several previous threads have suggested using a lathe dog to keep the drill from spinning in the tailstock taper. I'd appreciate any thoughts about using a clamping parallel jaw pliers for the purpose instead of the lathe dog. Thanks in advance.

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    Does the same thing if you ask me. Keeps the drill from spinning in the taper.



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      Keeping the tang from twisting off is the main consideration. The suggestion of a lathe dog is often made because they were common accessories when we used to turn between centers - in the old days. As Chris has stated you can use what you have, the important thing is that it does not deflect the drill and grips the body well enough to prevent the drill from turning in the socket.

      It is a good rule of thumb to not use an adapter to use a larger drill in a smaller socket - you are just asking for trouble.


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        Use the lathe dog. No parallel clamp has the grip to keep a drill from rotating if the taper slips.


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          I recently bought a new JET 13x40 lathe. To my dismay, I found that the tailstock spindle had NO provision for holding the tang on my drill chuck holder. What were they thinking at the factory? That no one uses the tailstock for drilling? Idiots!!
          Anyway, I remembered an article in May/June 1998 HSM called "The Fix". Thomas D. Sharples describes a repair for this condition. I followed his instructions and can now use my tailstock the way I wanted to.
          Richard Montgomery
          Robert, LA


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            We have a 16" and a 19" summit lathes and we drill up to 2" with our tailstocks neither one has a provision to keep the drills from turning in the tailstocks. Never had one spin on us, but when we slam them home we make sure both tapers are positively clean and dry. Sometimes it takes a hell of a smack to get them loose with a drift!


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              Forget the tang holder, the real problem is that itty bitty stud holding the tailstock ram from spinning in the casting.

              If you don't mind your manners, you may shear that off, and wipe it down where it isn't very easy to get the ram out to fix it!

              Go with the external grabber/brace.


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                That's why there are no flats for the tang.

                The lathe dog works fine, there are other types of holders as well.
                Jim H.


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                  The question asked was about parallel jaw clamping pliers- aand I have no idea what they are!. I have used "vice grips" and wound up with tooth marks on the drill shank. I suspect the vice grips would hold but at the expense of an unmarred drill shank.