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changing the I.D. and O.D. of common steel washers

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  • changing the I.D. and O.D. of common steel washers

    I have some common 5/8" steel washers that I need to enlarge the I.D. and reduce the O.D. while maintaining their concentricity.
    Does anyone have any suggestions? thanks Paul

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    Chuck in a three jaw and bore to size. Turn a mandrel to mount the washers on and mount in the chuck and turn to the desired od. The od you might be able to do them all in in pass by stacking them.

    If you need it more accurate or better material than that, bore and turn a tube to dimension and with a cutoff tool part off the number of washers you need. Easy. Nice to have a turret lathe for this...


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      I agree with Thrud...I've done a lot of this stuff in the past, and I just made a mandrel that was tapered approx. 1/2 degree..(you need to bore out the I.D. first) ...then just slip the parts on the mandrel until it stops, and then just "nudge" the washer a little tighter...BAMMMM!!!! there you go...

      Turret Lathes are nice for this job...much quicker too....

      (I cant believe it...I just agreed with life is over..)



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        Similar to what Thurd has suggested.

        Have done this with nylon washers. Made a tube with a threaded end and an internal plug with a hole in it so you can bore through it. Put the washers in the tube and tighten the internal threaded plug to get everything tight. Tube length depends on how many you want to do at a time. Once the ID of the washers are bored to the correct size place them on a mandrel and machine the OD. The manrel is also threaded and tightened with a nut. My job was for hundreds of washers so the jig time was worth the time spent. Deburring will take the time unless you have a tumbler.



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          If you have a soft collet, bore the collet to fit the OD of the washer before it is to be turned. Only bore to the depth of the washer. This way you have good support all around and the washer will lay flat vs. trying to get it to run true in a 3 jaw chuck. After you bore the washers ID, make a cheap aluminum arbor that has a post a couple of thou smaller than the ID of the washer. Tap the end of it with a screw that will fit thru the washer. Slip all of the washers on the arbor, take a larger washer and screw them down holding then securely. Turn all down to the proper OD at once. I can post a pic if someone needs it.

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            Thanks to all who responded. Will try your suggestions shortly. Paul