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What is a B16 taper?

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  • What is a B16 taper?

    I have a new 1/2" drill chuck laying around I would like to use on my mill. The spindle on the mill is R8. I can't find an adapter to convert from R8 to B16. Is a B16 the same as a JT2 or JT3. If not where can I find an adapter.

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    OK, it's in OZ, but you don't say where you are

    B16 is a European (German?) standard, slightly different from the JT series.
    You might find it easier, & much cheaper, to get a B16/Morse taper arbor.



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      I'm in the US. How would the B16/Morse taper arbor work. Would I need an R8 to Morse then the B16/Morse. If so, I would not have any room left for my work piece.


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        I think the point is that in places where the b16 taper is common, R-8 is not, so finding an arbor just like you want may be difficult. I know from the comments of others that mills overseas seem to rarely use R-8 spindles, but more commonly use the NMTB 30,40, or 50 taper.

        The R-8 to MT adaptors are generally just a socket. In the case of the R-8 to MT2 adaptors, many of them have very little extension beyond the R-8 spindle. R-8 to MT3, has more extension since an MT-3 will not fit inside and still allow for the thickness of the necessary sleeve. I normally hate the idea of a socket for use with an MT arbor....the fewer places to add runout the better, but I think that Tim was suggesting that this may end up being your only choice when trying to adapt a European standard chuck to a largely US standard spindle.

        Edit-- Just re-read the thread and followed the link which proves the desired adaptor does Australia.

        Paul Carpenter
        Mapleton, IL


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          Ok, that makes sense. What do you guys think about turning down a larger mt adapter to b16 specs.


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            One here but it's a bit lumpy at $110


            Plenty in the UK for about آ£3.50



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              When I manufactured tapping machines, the Emuge and Bilz quick change tap chucks we used were of the B taper type. (where they mounted to the spindle of the tapping motor) The B series is equivalent to Morse taper, but simply shorter in length.

              Can't remember which MT a B16 is equivalent to in taper. I have a chart on them in my files, but am out of town at the moment. Yet another spec that should have been in Machinery's Handbook but didn't even exist as far as the slack editiors of that antique publication were concerned.


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                Back home now...looked it up...a B16 is the same taper per foot as MT 2. Re R8 to B16 adapter, I seriously doubt such a creature bet is to make one by turning down the end of an R8 with oversize J taper.
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