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injection moulding machine???

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  • injection moulding machine???

    Can anyone point me in the right direction for a smallish plastic injection moulding machine, either a book or details of any for sale new or otherwise for my old pal Fred he wants any information especially a book Alistair
    Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease

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    Alistair, get Fred to drop me an e-mail, I'll pm you my address.

    If he lets me know what he's looking for and what he wants to potentially do with it, I'll probably be able to help point him in the right direction.

    A 'small' injection moulding machine in the trade would start at around 20 tonnes clamping force and weigh around 1000-1500kgs, and be about 3 metres long. There are actually plenty of these around if you know where to look.

    Alternatively, an Austin-Allen type machine will fit upright in the corner of a garage and run off compressed air and 240V electrics, but these are getting pretty hard to find these days.



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      Book info

      Alistair here is in fo on a book of how to buil one in and for the home shop

      Plastic Injection Molding Machine

      by Vince Gingery

      "Creating with plastic can be fun and can be a profitable hobby as well. But most plastic components these days are created by huge, expensive plastic injection molding machines. Molten plastic is forced under enormous pressure into intricate molds. On the surface it appears to be a technology well beyond the realm of the home shop.

      At last, here is the book that simplifies this technology making it possible for you to inexpensively injection mold small parts from common recycled plastic.

      You get complete step-by-step instructions revealing the secrets of building a small inexpensive table-top injection molding machine capable of molding up to a half ounce of plastic. Although a half ounce may not appear to be much plastic, the truth is, that it is more than enough to produce many small useful items.
      Great book. Rare info. Looks like something to have fun with. Get a copy!
      5 1/2 x 8 1/2 softcover 127 pages

      No. 1441 ... $15.95

      Amazon UK has it for just over 11 pounds
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        I wish you were closer, I have one I would give you, It is a school "toy"Blow molder about 24x20x20"tall comes with a mold for a 4 oz. bottle.


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          I'm sure I saw an article in HSM re building a injection molder to recycle plastic jugs. If I could only remeber which issue????



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            Molding Machine

            Hi Alistair
            The molding machine is the easy part, getting the molds built and running right is the real work. I have been a Mold Maker for 40 years. There are a lot of variables to consider such as the type of plastic, how complex is the part, mold flow and cooling to name a few items.


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              I don't know what the intended use is; but Morgan makes a small vertical.


              There are smaller verticals than this; but the one's I've seen are using insert molds and are not well suited to long production runs. The mold is ejected from the press, the part removed, the mold set back in the press, and the press cycled again.

              Maybe a Boy press for a small production press? A few molders in this area have been known to toss these in the dumpster!



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                Out of curiousity what would a small working injection molder cost? I have a use for one at work but don't really know enough about them to even start searching. This machine would be for R&D work with in mold heat activated adhesives.