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Surplus Centre treadmill motor, some years ago

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  • Surplus Centre treadmill motor, some years ago

    Anyone still running one of these 2 hp motors? Finally getting around to
    installing one on my Chinese lathe mill/drill. A bit surprised that the
    10 amp fast blow fuse can be easily blown. Anyone know what the maximum current draw (at 110vac) that the GE control board 44A962492-001 can handle? It has 15 amp rectifier D15XB60 (is this what determines the max load?) and an ST MRC BTA16 600B triac (or this?).

    TIA, John.

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    I had to put a 20 amp fast blow fuse on mine to keep it working. It's rated a 1.5 hp.
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      I have two of them now- one says it's 1.5HP, the other says it's 2HP. I have the speed controllers and everything- that some here were a great help in figuring out, since I'm not all that electrically inclined.

      I'd originally intended to fit one to my old JET mill-drill, but I think I'm going to hold out for one that'll have more torque and built a little heavier.

      The next plan is to stick one in my old Craftsman wood bandsaw. It's the kind that bolts to the table, with an external motor driving it from underneath. It's always been poorly set up- the current pulley combination gives it a bit too much speed and not enough torque.

      So I'm thinking I'll put one of the treadmill motors underneath (where it'll be fairly well protected from dust) and properly stepped down with a jackshaft so that "top speed" on the motor will be somewhat less than it's current max. Plus, of course, have the variable speed control to turn it down a bit from there.

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