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  • Milwaukee Hor. Milling Machine - Help & Ideas

    I have found a Milwaukee Horizontal Milling Machine, Model H, Series 9-4401. I have done web searches and can't get any information on Milwaukee machine tools. I'm assuming that the company is out of business or been taken over by some other company. I was not able to spend much time looking for other name plates on the machine but I did note that the highest patent number on a plate was about 2,500,000. I think current patent numbers are in the 5 or 6 million range so this is an old machine. I can have the mill if I haul it away. I don't want go through the effort and moving it and finding out that I have a 3,000 pound "statue."

    What I would like to know if any parts are still available and how hard are they to find? I really would like to get a vetrtical mill so are vertical heads available for this machine? Any idea where to find such head? Any help, ideas or assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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    Have you tried searching for Kearney & Trecker instead of Milwaukee? I believe Milwaukee was a model/range name.
    This may yield more results for you.

    As far as vertical heads go, it may be possible to graft one from another machine on to it - have a look here:

    Milwaukee-Bridgeport 1


    Unfortunately I have no other information to help you with, but good luck.



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      I would guess this machine did have a vertical attachment avalible.
      Ebay would be a good place to start looking.


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        I have one and the biggest problem was the drive gear lash up. I believe it would be better if you could adapt a BP type head to the mill. They don't look good but you have a very stable machine with X,Y,Z drive and with the BP head IMO you would have a better mill yhan a standard BP.
        my two cents worth.
        Herm Williams


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          Originally posted by BigBoy1
          I can have the mill if I haul it away. I don't want go through the effort and moving it and finding out that I have a 3,000 pound "statue."
          More like 4000 pounds for one of the smaller ones, if I recall aright. I think "H" was a series, not a size, so they'd go up from there.

          K&Ts are great if complete and you have the space. They're common on eBay. There were K&T vertical head attachments, but they're nowhere near as common as complete mills.


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            I have seen a Milwaulkee mill in action with a vertical head and they are a good machine, but for the age of them I would probably recommend you go for a more modern alternative that has little or no problems. The ones I saw were in the training workshop where I worked when I was an apprentice and I recall being told that some replacement gears (or a cluster) was 16,000 AUD, I can buy a brand new Taiwanese turret Mill (Bridgeport Type) with DRO for 7000 AUD today and with no wear in the slides and with parts available!, as they say Go Figure!


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              I have an even older Milwaukee 2B 1927 model that still works great with a vertical head. I seem to remember from an earlier post that Kearny and Treaker (Milwaukee) was absorbed by Gilman Engineering. The bottom line is with any of these old mills if any parts are still available the cost is way more in most cases than you paid for the mill.