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Who knows where the cheapest power feed gears are?

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  • Who knows where the cheapest power feed gears are?

    Not a servo style but a cheap copy 135# style.

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    Is it the little nylon gear that's gone?

    Have a look inside the bottom of the lower plastic casing on the unit, you may well find a spare in there.
    If not, then go here for spare parts:



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      IO, I've seen replacement parts for a lot less money ... although for a smaller model. You may want to check with Mike at Cando Machinery. He always has fair prices. Den


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        None in bottom, Travers is the cheapist so far at $30.00.

        OK, thanx den


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          I belive you'll find the seller listed as Mike Kandu, and I think he is delusional about prices. His name pops up once in a while, when I'm doing a search for "Hardinge", "Hurco", or some other machinery related items. His descriptions are on par with the famous "Babin" (for example: calling a control panel full of momentary switches for a Hurco a "Controller, untested", when it takes a whole cabinet full of circuit boards and power supplies to make up the "Controller") and he thinks photocopies of manuals are worth as much as Hardinge sells them for. I actually have him listed in my "excluded" list of sellers for my saved searches. He lives in the Portland area of Ct and I have friends all over that region - all say he and his dad are horrible to deal with.
          JHC Dayton, OH