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  • myford threading dial

    hello all,

    does anyone know how many teeth the wormgear on a myford thread dial has?
    I am planning on macking my own but I need this info first.


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    Sixteen teeth, twice the TPI of the 8 thread leadscrew.

    John S.

    Sir John , Earl of Bligeport & Sudspumpwater. MBE [ Motor Bike Engineer ] Nottingham England.


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      Lots of small lahtes use this same 16 tooth dial. Logans, SBL (10" or bigger), and Craftsman 10" or larger use it. The only difference is the length of the shaft and outer casting. SBL wanted $329.38 for one! I got one for my buddy for his 10"H SBL for $35.00 (new, including shipping) off some Craftsman lathe from Blue Ridge Machinery Co. in West Virginia. It bolted up just fine! Many turn up on Ebay all the time. $20.00 ought to get you an off name brand one. My bet is that they are all made by the same outfit!


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        thanks guys,
        I had a hunch that it might be 16 teeth, but your knowledge proved my hunch right!




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          16 sounds right, just follow 1/2 thread hit the same number,odd thread hit any numbered line,even thread hit any mark and metric never pull the half nut out,just back out the tool and put the lathe in reverse.
          you may know all thies thing but i posted it for the new machinist.
          that is true most of the time but not always.
          i have run over 100 diferent lathes and some you can change speeds and some you have to catch your theard after gear change.
          some like a mouser you just move a lever and its just like usa you can let the halfnut off and still catch your thread.
          after treading metric alot i got relly fast, i just slam it in reverse and go back and im right back in the cut. the cnc men dont have to worrie about it, i want a cnc ,and then i will have dumpsters for chip pans not barels.
          lol good luck my friend make your part and i hope it workes great.