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Semi OT:Kenmore washer repair?

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  • Semi OT:Kenmore washer repair?

    Could use some help here if someone knows. We have a couple year old Kenmore washer that the spin cycle is not quite working. Ie clothe a bit too wet at the end of the wash. I have had similar problems before with older kenmore washers. I have not had real good success diagnosing and fixing the problem. Also past experience has shown that just using troubleshooting guides can lead to replacing the wrong part before actualy finding the bad one. I have researched some ,on line for ideas.
    1) SWMBO likes to play with the cycles and spin the timer to wherever to get double rinses etc. Is this likely to cause the problem??
    2) Is there an inherent weakness in the whirlpool/ kenmore brand that is causing the problem??
    3) What should I be checking to find solution to problem?
    4) should I switch to a different brand machine?
    I am looking for experince here I know an experiences tech often knows right where to look. And what to repair replace. Hope no one considers this a stupid question. And I know it is a bit OT. Although no worse than "My dog is sick" or "My cat got run over by a car"
    Thanks for help in advance
    Tin Falcon
    PS whoops guys had to edit that is the spin cycle having problems with Verry verry sorry . Yah cant help withot the correct info!!!
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    Tin Falcon,

    Don't know if this site will help...


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      I'm not sure if my experience is vast enough. But here goes:

      If the problem is that the agitator is not agitating it is most likely the dogs are worn out. Here is a web page with instructions:

      This is caused by over loading and eventually old age. There is nothing wrong with Whirlpool products. I won't have anything else.



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        Tin, is it a top loader, or a front loader? Vic


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          SM is a top loader. think the first thing to check is the drain line and pump may be a wayward sock.Also it is a direct drive system rather than a belt drive.
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            I used to repair apliances almost thirty years ago but i will take a quick stab at this, jimmy the lid switch so you can "view" the cycle, when it hits the spin cycle the pump kicks in, varify that water is pumping out into the drain at a high rate, varify that the drum starts spinning, many times the water will drain but the clothes remain wet because the drum will not rotate, If its a belt machine make sure the belt is ok, if this is the case then you may have already diagnosed the problem when you stated;

            1) SWMBO likes to play with the cycles and spin the timer to wherever to get double rinses etc. Is this likely to cause the problem??

            This is the single biggest failure to washing machines that i used to see, even though they try to build failsafes into them -- rapid spinning of the cycles switch results in many times two or more contacts getting involved when they shouldnt be, it immediatly blows them --- you either have to remake the internal contact or replace the switch, iv disasembled many of switch and all are different but be prepared , take apart real slow and pay attention, many a spring and little fulcrums and mechanism... good luck.


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              Tin, top loaders should last many many years. I had one Kenmore for 30 years and it was still working when I sold the house. But, now I bought the front loader, also Kenmore/Whirlpool and had to replace it after 6 years. Apparently the bearings got shot. The repair is so expensive that it is cheaper to buy a new one. Take care. Vic


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                my neighbor gace me her washing machine because she was having the exact problem you describe. it too is a late model top loading Kenmore. I have been using it for 2 years and it works perfectly. I think she was overloading it and instead of spinning it was just slipping the clutch. Try reducing the load or running it empty with the lid switch tripped and see if it spins.
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                  OT Kenmore washer repair

                  Tin Falcon I had same problem, after paying $90+ for new timer, found
                  the problem was the lid switch not closing when lid was closed. simple adjustment solved it. hope this helps. chiphead42


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                    Well, I do not know about the short comings of the Kenmore Washers as I just replaced one that I bought in 1973. Toward the end of its life, I had the same trouble as you describe and I finally decided that the belt that drives the drum during the spin cycle had stretched, especially when we put in a large load and it never could get the rpms up. Tell your wife to leave the knobs alone once the machine has started!


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                      I have about the same problem as you have two years old and won't spin some times (30% of the time).
                      What I find is that the motor starts but the transmission does not engage.
                      I don't know if it is mechanical or a solenoid that engages the spin cycle.
                      Its on that long list of things to-do..Les


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                        One of our Kenmore washers was leaving the clothes soggy wet when it finished up. My recollections are vague, but the problem turned out to be scraps of fabric that had built up on a flapper valve in or somewhere near the pump. (Like I said, my recollections are vague.)

                        After I pulled out the handful of threads and rags, everything worked fine, afterward.

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