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Machine Tapping on a Jet JMD-18

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    Jim C,
    Thanks for the feedback!

    I consider a "small tap" to be something smaller than, say 6-32. Doing those under power makes me a bit nervous sometimes, but if it's a through hole and easy tapping (cast iron, perhaps), I'll do 'em anyway.

    Yes, I have backgear and usually use it for tapping. Again, if it's a small hole and going well, I'll sometimes leave it in direct, but slowed way down with the VFD. As in <200 Rpm.

    My quill works very easily, so I can feel pressure pretty well in both directions. I sorta "help" it at the beginning of threading and the end of backing out. The threads always look to be OK, so I'm not going to worry about it.



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      Wiring Diagram

      I looked up your wiring diagram. It is on page 29 of this manual.

      Jet JMD-18

      This has all the information necessary for someone who is more competent than I am to give you a recomendation.

      You should post the exact model of motor that is on the machine.

      Hope this is helpful.


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        Machine Tapping

        I have a 2 hp single Phase table top ENCO I use for tapping all the time. Most are thru hole. I turn the tap slow, 85 to 150 rpm, let the spindle stop and then reverse.