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  • Diamond tool holders

    The Diamond tool-holders (Bay-Com), advertised in HSM, sound like the greatest thing since canned beer. Has anyone used one, and if so, how did it work out? Thanks for any help.
    George Davis

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    Yup, I've got one. Bought it at the PRIME show about 3 years ago. It works fine on my old Atlas. If you find it difficult to grind the perfect tool by eyeball, the grinding jig
    is a big help. With the right angles and reliefs, the tool cuts as it should, and stays sharp longer. Less heat, better finish, deeper cuts are all possible with a properly ground tool. In my opinion, the design of the diamond toolholder takes best advantage of a easy to grind tool. I can't speak of the threading ability of the diamond, I've never tried it. Hope this helps,

    Tim in Oregon
    I cut it off twice; it's still too short
    Oregon, USA


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      I don't like canned beer BUT the diamond toolholder is GREAT.Simple to grind, versatle, and works just fine on my 10K.


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        I bought one for my 6" Atlas because of my inability to grind a good tool with any repeatability. I would do good one time & totally flub it the next! The grinding jig makes it easy to get good results every time.

        As for it's operation on the lathe, I've gotten more use out of the lathe since buying the Diamond Toolholder last year than I have the first 9 years I've had it. It allows much better results (and heavier cuts) than anything I've ever ground; not something to sneeze at with such a light duty machine! It's the one item I've never had any regrets over purchasing after using it. I don't know what the larger versions are like. It did make the job of machining the cast backplate for my four jaw chuck possible; never was able to grind a tool well enough to break through the casting scale! Not a problem for the Diamond Toolholder...

        IMHO, well worth the price of admission!

        Don T.


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          OK guys, you convinced me. Placed the order this morning. I'll report when I get it set up. Many thanx for the input.
          George Davis