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  • Help With Engraving Brass Tags

    Ok... I need some name tags engraved... simple text on like 1"x3" brass blanks. This is for community project I've been working on for some time now. I know some of you have little CNC mills that could do these in short order. I have the blanks and can supply small end mill cutters to do the work. I need 6 done at this time and hopefully will need up to 25 more. I was going the electro etch them but not to happy with the results I've turned out. I'm trying to sell name plates to finance more materials to build more fence. Anyone interested.

    My project so far...

    Wow... where did the time go. I could of swore I was only out there for an hour.

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    Sorry I can't help. ...but that fence sure looks nice!


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      just get someone to hand do them a sign writer would advise best. I see a guy who makes keys here also has a small engraving machine you have the same in the states , try it. For such a small run no point in investing good money I would rather you sent that here where it could be used more lavishlyAlistair
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        I have a New Hermes engraver, would that help?


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          Why not buy the letters from a foundry supply, make a pattern, and have them cast, or better still, cast them in your own back yard? you can make some really nice plates that way. If interested, poke around the web on some of the home casting sites, or ask the board.



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            Thanks lynnl... A lot of time in making it. It's patterned after the fence around the old section of the Cemetery from about 1850 or so.

            Alistair Hosie... If I only wanted them to last 5 years or so I paint them myself as I did commercial sign painting ( brush and paint )
            for years. But I'm looking to have them last at least as long as the fence. I think I could hand engrave them but it take me along time per piece... I'm not making anything on this but time is time I could be doing other stuff. Went to a trophy shop and they kept pushing plastic at a silly price... I wanted brass and they got ridiculous.

            Iowolf... Sure would. I've been looking over ebay at those. Have Fonts?
            Wow... where did the time go. I could of swore I was only out there for an hour.


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              Just 2, It is a basic setup.

              I dont know what its called, it looks like this typing.<


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                helvetica, arial (sans serf) That be prefect... plain olde type. Are they hard to set up and use? I don't know if the the tiny end mills would work with it.

                Wow... where did the time go. I could of swore I was only out there for an hour.


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                  I've made brass tags mostly the old way. Acid etching. For large or deep etching I use sand blast and finish with acid. If you go too deep with acid you got under pitting. I use sand blast the same way they engrave granit stone. On brass, sand blast leave a bleemish finish. I give the final touch with acid.


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                    Brass tags

                    You can get most any type of print or characters cut at most sign or maybe trophy shops.

                    They can be cut or stenciled.

                    Thought this might help.

                    Good luck.



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                      Sounds like you need way too many to consider anything but a trophy type engraving setup like wolf's. Maybe you need to buy him a couple rounds (as in 50Calibre !) and see if he'll help you out That's the kind of work his Hermes was designed to do.
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                        Originally posted by Your Old Dog
                        Maybe you need to buy him a couple rounds (as in 50Calibre !)
                        One behind each ear ?


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