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Removed my spindle last night

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  • Removed my spindle last night

    There is a definite amount of preload to overcome when turning it by hand and every so many revolutions it feels like a flat spot comes up on one of the rollers.

    I've no experience with spindles or tapered bearings to compare this to other than automotive applications and spinning a wheel hub is way different than this spindle.
    And then that "flat spot" feeling.
    There's the initial force to overcome to get the thing turning (which seems excessive to me from the get-go) then it just doesn't ever feel really smooth turning after that either. Rather like taking up back lash.
    I dunno...maybe there's nothing wrong at all but it doesn't seem to me like a precision rolling element bearing is or should ever "break in". My dad worked many years at the Torrington Co. and there was never any discussion on that. Those were needle bearings however.

    I do so want to rip into it though and if this wasn't so new I'd tackle it, but I also just finished a really spiffy plywood shipping box that I'm chuffed about and I want to impress UPS with it.

    It will be legendary in the annals of shipping lore......
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    QSIMDO... I would not be in such a hurry to show off that wooden box to UPS. I'd be more inclined to hide it... as UPS charges a premium for handling wood containers. I guess it's a splinter charge or something. So staple some cardboard on the outside of it and keep the fact that it's a crate on the QT with the knowledge that it's well protected for OOPS.
    Wow... where did the time go. I could of swore I was only out there for an hour.